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SpaceX builds the Mars Rocket Prototype

The company launched its first satellite navigation for the US military, Boeing and Lockheed-Martin

The space transportation company SpaceX has made its first US military mission to launch a navigational satellite of $ 500 million (394 million).

In addition, the company announced that it began to build a prototype of Mars's witch in Texas.

SpaceX Falcon 9 Lifter Lockheed Martin sat on Sunday to launch in Cape Canaveral Florida, less than 9 hours.

The lane followed the planned forecasts for a four-week period on the previous day, which had until then been abolished due to weather or technical problems.

Presentation of Big Falcon Rocket. Image credit: SpaceX
September 2018 illustration of the launching of a Big Falcon Rocket Mars vehicle. Image credit: SpaceX


SpaceX has been successful in launching and the US Army launches competitions.

Military satellites have been in the past in general because the Boeing or Lockheed-Martin contractor was placed in the hands of the military.

SpaceX sued the U.S. Air Force in 2014, and next year Air Force agreed to increase the competition. SpaceX won a $ 83m contract in today's satellite in 2016.

The GPS III Satellite Lockheed will produce a total of 32, including $ 12.6bn in the Air Force contract, to launch in the next 2019.

Presentation of Big Falcon Rocket. Image credit: SpaceX
Presentation of Big Falcon Rocket. Image credit: SpaceX

& # 39; Super Heavy & # 39;

In particular, the CEO of SpaceX, Elon Musk, said last weekend that the company has started building a prototype "Starship" Mars rocket that is planned to ride on the "Super Heavy".

Starship was the first "Big Falcon Spaceship", Super Heavy named "Big Falcon Booster", which was modified along with changes in design in November.

Musk published an image of Starship component on Twitter, in SpaceX's Boca Chica, to confirm the social networking reports of the parts that were reached at the start of Texas.

The prototype was said to be a test vehicle, the start of the 2019 test was started.

Presentation of Big Falcon Rocket. Image credit: SpaceX
Presentation of Big Falcon Rocket. Image credit: SpaceX

"I will make a full technical presentation of Starship after the test vehicle that is being built in the south of Texas, so we look forward to March / April," said Muskek during the weekend Twitter.

Starship had a full-sized 30-meter diameter vehicle, but would have been smaller than NASA's full height, while the Super Heavy prototype was built in full size.

The segments are being manufactured at the Port of Los Angeles, he said.

Before the remodeling of the vehicle last November, as Musk did in October, SpaceX planned a scheduled operating schedule for a crew in 2024.

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