Sunday , May 9 2021

SpaceX has cut 10% of its employees to become a leaner company

Elon Musk, chief of SpaceX, decided to cut 10 percent of its employees.
Increase / Elon Musk, chief of SpaceX, decided to cut 10 percent of its employees.

SpaceX will reach 10 percent of its workforce, the company said Friday afternoon. The company perceives it as a "strategic realization" of job cuts, designed to ensure long-term success positioning.

On Friday employees announced the company's chief executive and operator at Gwynne Shotwell's email. The company has more than 6,000 employees.

"To make it easy for our clients to deliver tracking and interplanetary spacecraft into space and space-based Internet space, SpaceX must become a leaner," said one official company in a statement.

"Any of these developments, even if you tried one by one, made other banks," he continued. "This means that we have to take part in our team's talents and hard-working parties, thankfully, all the achievements and the commitment of the SpaceX mission, which will only be challenged and will not be otherwise."

This move comes next week to SpaceX to obtain a $ 750 million loan, but it has cut $ 250 million ahead of schedule.

Money for projects

Business officials have repeatedly said SpaceX is profitable, such as commercial startups, NASA development funds and U.S. Due to the revenues of the Air Force rewards. SpaceX initiated Falcon 9 rockets 20 times in 2018 and flew for the first time to the Falcon Heavy rocket. By developing a reusable first phase, the company can have the most innovative and cost-effective booster around the world.

However, SpaceX is developing a satellite Internet system, Starlink, as well as a next-generation rocket, Super Heavy, and space ship, Starship, designed to send humans to Mars. These projects provide a stream of income over two years.

SpaceX will start up these cuts as they move on to their birthdays; For a private company to launch human beings into the company orbit, the NASA commercial commander program will open the first set of Starlink satellites and begin their preliminary testing of Starship.

Aerospace industry has suggested that the size and size of Friday cuts should be expressed by the CEO of SpaceX, Elon Musk, in order to reduce costs and cut down on the minimum number of his employees. If it becomes leaner, the company will be instrumental in investing in large-scale development projects.

Ironically, over the last few years, the Falcon 9 rocket has led to the development of low-cost SpaceX in a number of other United States launch companies, such as the United Launch Alliance, and the government-sponsoring corporations around the world to compete with the cost of cutting costs and staffing.

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