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SpaceX's Crew Dragon and Falcon 9 make a historic debut pad 39A

NASA has confirmed that SpaceX's review of revised revisions of February 27 before the Nuclear Crew Dragon (LRR) is made up of parties that are "inverse" in advance.

Tomorrow tomorrow at 2:48 PM EST (07:48 UTC) will be launched on March 2, Falcon 9 and Crew Dragon will launch 39A startup ("Pad 39A") and 24-48 hour commercial advances. start before After years of tireless work, SpaceX has made a lot of aesthetic changes to the Pad 39A, thanks to its historical complexity, sleek black-and-white paint (FSS).

Falcon 9, Crew Dragon to "go"

Continuing Review Review Review (FRR) five days later, completing the Launch Readiness Review (LRR) effectively means that SpaceX performs operations like any other mission, rockets and space ships, taking part in the Pad 39A vertical assembly, and definitively (pretty) routine forming preflight preparations. SpaceX pad engineers and technicians have completed a sound session in the last two months (WDR) and static proofing. Thus, they have had a real world-class experience and the new Crew Dragon spacecraft and its Falcon 9 human rocket.

This decade has been the best part of a decade, starting in 2009 or 2010 (according to definitions), which became the NASA Commercial Crew Program (CCP). SpaceX did not receive subsidy from the Dragon for the Crew or Creation until April 2011, with the NASA's 75 million dollar access shipbuilding proposal based on the new abortion system based on the new Super Draco engine. In August 2012, NASA provided Sierra Nevada, SpaceX and Boeing with hundreds of millions of dollars, following the serious development of their traffic spaces and vehicle vehicles. Then, in 2014, SpaceX and Boeing made strong long-term contracts to bring Crew Dragon and fulfill Starliner vehicles.

According to the note, the SpaceX contract was valued at $ 2.6B, while Boeing received 4.2 B, equally effective in 60%. Unfortunately, the US Congress systematically compensated CCP over the years, mainly due to financial and financial financial interests, to finance NASA's own SLS rocket and to finance Oriion's spacecraft and other cost of rocket and spin-off development initiatives. Unstable financing was likely due to the delayed years of the programs and its commercial suppliers, which led to the nominal target set for 2015 from 2016 to 2017 until 2018 until 2019 and, finally, before 2019, all the previously supplied providers face the technical challenges to face. Development Phases When hardware and testing were enriched.

After five years, after contracting work, SpaceX and NASA are already ready to move from the Commerce Crew to the starting point of the first orbital. In fact, Boeing created its own decomposed starliner orbit. spacecraft In fact, according to what the CCP has been part of its long-running saga, it seems that it has to face reality to face reality only two days.

Pad 39A: more than a new coat

Meanwhile, SpaceX's rented Pad 39A launcher complex has significant changes. Returning to NASA's Apollo program, Pad 39A launched Saturn V's 13 and launched Saturn V and deployed 80 Space Shuttle SpaceX before 2014. In five years, the company has rented the facilities, the main metal works of the computer hardware and hardware installation and service structures have been carried out, one fixed (FSS) and the other (RSS). In addition to the dark RSS hinge scheme, SpaceX has completely eliminated the Shuttle support hardware of hundreds of tons, the FSS (hysterical tower-house) has largely changed to install a new level and Crew Dragon's Crew Access Arm (CAA) ~ 110m (350 ft) tower-house.

Most recently, the company has focused on clearly changing variations of the tower, almost white by highlighting white paintings and gradually installing brown plexiglass panels at least four walls on 2-3. While the color of the painting is almost aesthetically motivated (Falcon 9, Crew Dragon and access arm), all of the FSS's or most of the decision-making is likely to be very well received by astronauts and technicians, ultimately SpaceX highlights the Florida mosquitoes .

If SpaceX's DM-1 Crew Dragon was an unknown dimension, the company could launch the first Crew Dragon launcher in early July 2019 when it was launched by an astronauts officially returning 39A to an active space on human space flight and ending more than eight to transport US astronauts into orbit homemade solutions

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