Wednesday , October 20 2021

Spider-Man: It enters the Spider-Verse book record


Spider-Man's new movie, Spider-Verse, is not only a hit with criticism, but it does make big business at the box office.

The movie premiered this weekend, and made $ 35.4 million in the first three days of the United States. Announces a record that records all of the animated films that were published in December. Spider-Verse's No. 1 weekend was far away with Clint Eastwood's The Mule ($ 17.2 million), in third place for three days.

The Spider-Verse film has an incredible show of A + CinemaScore for filmmakers, which suggests that the film will take place during the second weekend and potentially beyond.

With images added to the international box office, Spider-Verse now costs $ 56.4 million after a single weekend. The film has a budget of $ 90 million.

Spider-Verse is just Spider-Man's latest Spider-Man Sony, which allows Spider-Man and Marvel to allow others. Sony's previous Spider-Man filmed Spinoff Venom's hit at the box office and earned over $ 850 million.

Spider-Verse Shameik Moore's voice is a pioneer in Miles Morales.

In GameSpot's Into the Spider-Verse review, Meg Downey wrote about film that is "an instantly classic animation," and that's why it's a lot of companies. "

You can see table top boxes of 10 above by EW. Bearing in mind that Peter Jackson and other Lord of the Rings veterans SteamBunk featured a CGI movie, it's a slow start and it loses $ 100 million or more.

14-16 December Household Office Box

  1. Spider-Man: Spider-Verse – $ 35.4 million
  2. Mule – $ 17.2 million
  3. Grinch – $ 11.6 million
  4. Ralph breaks in Internet – $ 9.6 million
  5. Mortal engines – $ 7.5 million
  6. Creed II – $ 5.4 million
  7. Bohemia Rhapsody – $ 4.1 million
  8. A family – $ 3.72 million
  9. Fantastic Beasts: The Grindelwald crimes – $ 3.65 million
  10. Green Book – 2.8 million dollars
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