Sunday , September 26 2021

Stampeders can cushion Gray Cups from past critics

EDMONTON – The first sign of the Gray Police came Friday night, in the midst of an 1100 Edmonton Spirit.

In the Grand National Drunk T-shirt of Canada, they were dressed in sweaters and colored suits of favorite CFLs, three beautiful young girls set off on stage.

Alas, when the Calgary Stampede Queen and the princesses came in for a second, they responded with boycotting crowds, they asked the trio to leave their good will.

Strange – and ugly – Gray Cup disrespect show.

Every year, the celebration has always been a great opportunity for people to get together, a touching message was clear: ABC theory in Edmonton has been working on the rest of the league.

Anyone but Calgary.

People are tired of seeing the Stampeders CFL brand breakdown. In the end, the Red & White fourth-quarter Greece has appeared in the last five years.

"I hope some of the enthusiasts are encouraging us," said the Western team, "Stampeders linebacker Alex Singleton smiled and his teammates were able to reside in ski locker locker rooms.

"But we can not prepare for the opportunity."

In this phase, there are more than 50,000 football enthusiasts in the Commonwealth Stadium tonight, where there will be a great crowd for Norwegian Redblacks.

The massive runner of the cowboy-hat-toting group, who spent three hours trying to turn the team's disagree over the course of the two-year-old Gray, all fans of the country hoped to repeat "amazingly surprising" Redblacks. Stampeders two years ago.

Although the CFL team is in the last decade, Stamps won one of the last four championships and lost the last two in different ways.

Both were synonymous with the chokes seasons as the last 25 years producing the best League quarterbacks.

"The most important thing that I was telling men is not winning three Gray Cups this week, you can win only one," said Stampeders quarterback and CFL MOP Bo Levi Mitchell – Nation's 106th position bent on clear.

"Do not do it bigger than this. If you're not in those teams, you have not asked what happened in the past and try to recover from what happened in the past two years."

In rhetoric lost, Stampeders are now on the verge of turning Buffalo Bills into CFL. Calgary earned its second degree in five years.

However, Stamps find disrespect of the massive wave watching Mitchell is clear and disturbing.

"In my opinion, we had a great disrespect throughout the year as a serious offense and who I was as a player," said Mitchell.

"I heard several guys – (Argos linebacker) Marcus Ball – called me the average. I heard (Stampeder and the Redblacks quarterback's former massacre), Henry Burris called me the average and another shark entered my system better than mine. to make it.

"These things need to be answered at the point.

So I'll quit and people will continue to prove badly. The disgrace continues at the same time. "

Six races have begun, Ottawa quarterback Trevor Harris has never won Calgary.

However, Redblacks brought the record 11-7 into six touchdown passages from the CFL in the final stage of the East, and its team must have underdogs of 4.5 points.

Singleton is the first leading Defense League in Calgary, his club is underdog suggesting how Underdog this week they are underdog.

They're buying a little.

Jasper Avenue, at the Kris Cup Festival, was on a Saturday night at the Gray Cup parade, both teams made a definitive move about the Commonwealth's rocky and frozen area.

The temperate temperatures expected around 1 C will not be in games that look like earrings.

This week, about 7 centimeters of temperature could gradually slide around to reach tencent fans and move to Jasper Avenue to the city center. Likewise, almost all the teams participated, including Halifax Atlantic Schooners. Name at the East Coast Kitchen Party.

The Stampeders Gray Cup committees continued to serve their pancake free breakfast every week for thousands of local customs. Tuffy's horse was also prepared to reach the Chateau Lacombe lobby – Stackeders fans picked up the Gray Cup party on the map in 1948 when they took a horse to the Royal York hotel.

For the first time in three years, Stamps will help Quick Six, after touchdown hitting the famous McMahon Stadium during a sideline every touchdown. For two years, it is prohibited due to security concerns, Chelsea Drake himself and the riders will stand in standby at the end of the Commonwealth Stadium, with enthusiasts stamping with fans.

Located in the downtown area of ​​Rome, Gray Cup partygoers enjoyed Saturday night, and Canadian Canadian singer Kim Mitchell, Trooper and Loverboy watched a concert.

Country music star Brett Kissel, from Flat Lake, Ab., The game anthem and Alessia Cara will be singing.

Can Harris and the soundtrack William Powell will solve Calgary's defense?

Stampeders receiver Eric Rogers continues to play three touchdowns last week.

Will silence of the Stampeders critics and the crowd return to the glory of the Greek Cup?

The nation will look in a way.

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