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Stampeders, Redblack Fighting with Gray Cup are in a good condition


EDMONTON – Although Alberta has happened in November, Derek Dennis will wear a sleeve shirt Sunday afternoon when Calgary Stampeders will face the Gray Cup's Ottawa Redblacks.

But, Mother Nature, will not only be burly offensive on the lineman.

On Sunday the forecast requires a 0 ° C height at a temperature of the kickoff quite well -1 ° C. It will be sunny with nine kilometers of wind and only 10% of precipitation.

In other words, Dennis Six-foot-three, 345 kg, CFL's top flashlight in 2016 is the perfect condition, with its first Gray Cup looks like Calgary.

"I was here for the 2016 Western final and I can not remember the cold weather," said Dennis Calgary in the run of the season. "I always wear a short sleeve shirt, but I know it's nice."

Jon Gott agreed with clarity. The colorful Ottawa flashlight offensive, when Redblack's regular season won beer, took part in the club races.

Dennis and her linemen, of course, are ready. After a Saturday's guide, they participated in the Commonwealth Stadium cherry blossom game.

"It's our tradition," Dennis said.

The Second Unit of the two teams will be marked in two years. In 2016, 8-9-1 Redblacks won a 39-36 victory against Toronto-Toronto (15-2-1), who won the Calgary (15-2-1) victory.

Dennis had angered Stampeders with Gray Cup earlier. This week, Dennis assured Calgary players that they had a great victory.

"I was not frowned at my first professional championship," said Dennis. "I was standing around him and someone said:" Do what you want, "what did he mean?

"So I have been veterans to take the guys to the youngster. Fortunately, we can win and let's have our chance."

On Saturday, Calgary second session in the Commonwealth, Ottawa's training session on Saturday. Although Stampeders receiver Markeith Ambles suffered on Friday on Friday – after not having passed after Sunday – the head coach Dave Dickenson felt good at entering the field and playing the game on Sunday before playing the game.

"I do not say that the world's biggest chess movement, but I think we have done something differently," said Dickenson. "It's just a football match, you have to go and play the other team and play more plays."

55,000 meetings will be divided into two parts. Calgary finished the league line-up for the best 13-5 season west of Ottawa East on 11-7.

The Canadian pop star Alessia Cara will offer half-time entertainment. Brampton, Ont., Grammy winning artist, Here, Here, Scars to Your Beautiful, Stay and Wild Things.

The Mayor of Ottawa Jim Watson and Calgary Naheed Nenshi have opted for the game. Missing Villains will play a jumper jumble in the town and fly his flag. Two also agreed that the win group was awarded $ 3 for the city's food bank.

On Sunday, the Greek Cup organizers were busy running this weekend, including indoor and outdoor events, including the Gray Cup parade on Saturday. This week, $ 80 million is expected to boost $ 100 million in local economics.

The weather was the worst offense in Ottawa and the defense of Calgary was the most severe of CFL.

Trevor Harris won the Final Division 46-27 in Otomandar, eliminating six TD crossings last week against Hamilton. Harris finished the 367-meter career in 32rd position with Redblacks to win the fourth season against Tiger-Cats.

Harris was a 99-129 star (76.7 percent), with 1,203 meters, with 10 TDs and no Hamilton in the season.

Brad Sinopol receives a stellar Ottawa receiving body. This CFL Canadian top season had a huge 98-year-old cannabis league, Cannuck's one-season record, 1,376 meters and four TDs. Greg Ellingson (91 catches, 1,086 meters, five TD) and Diontae Spencer (81 catches, 1,007 meters, seven TD) also cracked at 1,000 yard.

Last weekend, Ellingson had eight catches of 144 meters and a TD.

Ottawa's offense is William Powell, the second-leading CFL, with 1,362 meters and six TDs. Powell's nine-meter, 86-meter-long 207-km route in 21 days (4.1-meter average) last weekend.

Ottawa accepts 43 sacks, the CFL second, on a regular basis, but Hamilton has pushed for Harris.

Calgary defense CFL got a minimum of 17 points (17.8 games per game), punishing punitive (27), passing TD (11), most sacks (45) and second (321.4) (less offensive).

In the winning final of the 22-14 West Division in Calgary, the unit took Winnipeg 294 offenses.'s Twitter channel's Facebook page »The world's MUNDUA

Calgary's crime is in definitive good hands. Quarterback Bo Levi Mitchell, the one who dropped the CFL-high 35 TD this season, won the league title for the second time this week.

Calgary won the season series with Ottawa 2-0 but both teams did not meet Stampeders' # 27; on the road 27-3, July 12.

Calgary plays on his 27-player list in 16 Gray Cup. Ottawa still has 13 players in his last tournament, Jonathan Rose in the corner.

After risking an attractive suspension on Sunday's Rose Sunday, CFO's Jocelyn Paul will be officially on the final of the East Division. Paul will be second on Sunday, his third Gray Cup.

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