Friday , March 31 2023

Stamps WR Rogers will play the Gray Cup


EDMONTON – A member of The Calgary Stampeders received a good news on Wednesday, with receiver Eric Rogers suggesting that Ottawa was good at Sunday's Gray Cup.

"Everyone a little bit older than others," said Rogers, prior to the reporter's practice at the southern campus of the University of Alberta.

"If you are healthy enough to be yourself, then you will be playing."

Rogers scored three touchdown Sundays on Sunday with the latest Stamps 22-14 West Division Winnipeg Blue Bombers, although he missed part of the game with a knee injury.

Rogers lost the time lost in this season. It was an emergency room filled with Calgary crossings, which runs through a series of receivers by Bo Levi Mitchell quarterback and the second one of CFL with a score of 26.8 points.

Kamar Jorden, Marken Michel and Reggie Begelton have fallen for the end of season injuries, and DaVaris Daniels (bracelet broken) remains a Sunday question mark.

Instead, Markeith Ambles has maintained the practice list and the NFL rider has released Chris Matthews in the championship game for Calgary (regular 13-5 season).

Stampeders arrived in the capital city of Alberta, answering questions about how to return championships twice consecutively.

Fifteenth Sunday, and the 1950's, Alouetter's first team in Montreal will continue in the three CFL championships.

Calgary lost 39-33 in extra time, Ottawa in 2016 and Toronto in the 27-24 season.

Mitchell said the team is a new season, saying that past losses are a bad motivator.

"When we're still using (Gray Cup) two years ago revenge or last year's rescues disrespectful to my eyes," Mitchell said.

"It's a new year and you have to respect the group that is in front of you and respect it all year long.

"It's hard to win CFL, it's hard to come to this point."

Mitchell, named the most popular player in the West Division, won the 2014 Cup. The participants were saying a lot of options, with many games playing a lot of plays.

"Just understand that play is not bigger than one other, but you do not know that two or three or four of these plays are coming, so you get the chance, it's ready to play," he said.

Earlier Wednesday, coach of Calgary, Dave Dickenson, said Ottawa and Toronto reflected the Cup triumphs and the cruel world of living defined by winning and winning quantitative.

"Losses Loss. I think that they make great feelings of a profit, that is, the dull. You should ignore it. You must remember good times, not necessarily pain," said Dickenson.

"I think we're all … I think some things in your life will always be with you. Get up, however. Now live and take advantage of the moment."

Dickenson also dismissed a post-match comment last weekend, that no one wanted Calgary to go back, instead of the new game, because he preferred his fresh face.

"I do not know, maybe I made my little story, but I felt so much about people talking about Sask and Winnipeg, and we did not have much with us," he said.

"(It) does not help me to gain or lose a football game, but perhaps I have saved comments."

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