Saturday , July 2 2022

Stephen Amell Shares at Sneak Peek at "Elseworlds" at Crossover Screener


Crossing the "Elseworlds" Arrowward is just a few weeks now and Stephen Amell has given fans of The CW DC Comics the sneak peek of the next event.

The arrow Stare shared some Twitter photos on Twitter, showing the guards of the "Elseworlds" movie and watching the fans watching the event. Check them out below.

As you can see, nothing at Amell's photos would be a spoiler for a three-night event. A photo shows Tyler Hoechlin's Superman scene, something that fans know about gold from gold. Amela herself behind the picture, in Hoechlin, and Flash star Grant Gustin on set Another picture looks like Supergirl Melissa Benoist in the STAR Labs pipe. The fans saw a look at a television series called "Elseworlds", which was revealed by Steel Girl immediately with her sister Alex (Chyler Leigh). .

If you're not yet tracked, "Elseworlds" will be a three-night event to see big changes in the reality of Arrowverse shows. When Promos gave their fans, Oliver Queen (Amell) and Barry Allen (Gustin) will exchange their lives, because Supergirl will not be normal, nor thanks to Arkham Asylum doc John Deegan (Jeremy Davies). Below you can read the details of the recently uncovered plot.

"A three-night event with Arkham Asylum doc with John Deegan (Lost with Jeremy Davies) begins to review reality, Oliver (Amell) and Barry (Gustin) life. In this new reality, looks like Oliver Queen Gustin and Barry Allen They are like Amell, and two heroes are the only ones who know how to live badly and know each other. "

During the event you will also see other characters like Hoechlin's Superman, such as Ruby Rose's Batwoman, Elizabeth Tulloch, Lois Lane, LaMonica Garret and The Monitor.

"The crossword is an individual f * cking," said Amelle in a recent Facebook Live. "It's wonderful … I think it will be the best crossword event we're going to do. And not only the best, but the best really, really wide margin and I think it was fantastic last year."

"The Crisis of the Earth's X", I think it was called, that's pretty crazy and playing dongelgängers play pretty crazy, "Amell continued. "Greg Berlanti talked to me for the first time why he wanted to cross it, it was for lovers, so people can see the characters and scenes they love favorite TV or access new things on television, we can do things that we never had in a vacuum, above all arrow РWe have never done the gap of our show. "

The "Elseworlds" event begins three nights Flash Sunday, December 9th, until December 10th arrow and December 11 Supergirl.

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