Monday , October 18 2021

Storm dumps snow on southern highway, hydrocarbons damage in Sunshine Coast


British Inland Southern Ontario drivers are scheduled as a warning for a stormy storm and a rainfall of about 35 centimeters, between Hope and Merritt, Coquihalla Highway, on buses Monday night.

DriveBC releases snow and a limited visibility will continue on Wednesday, while Canada's Environment forecasts 10 more snow centimeters.

Warning of snow from Highway 3 from Hope to Princeton, while the weather station lasts for the last 30 hours.

Hot winds and hot rains also harmed what happens when BC Hydro describes it as a "Sunshine Coast" transmitter structure, as immediate repairs are required to launch a powerful storm on the southern coast of Thursday.

The availability of social media is said to be useful, with repairs asking for a total power suspension from 9:30 AM to 2:30 AM. PT, to reach Salton Bay in Lund, the Powell River, and the Cortes and Texada Islands.

In the Powell River School District website, the court calls for all schools in the 47th district to be closed according to the day. Classes will be recovered on Thursday.

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