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Studies shows mitochondrial DNA can be passed through father – what does genetics mean?

Some things to learn to learn are not true, for example, they are in five different senses or three abilities. The leading research has been added to the list, as mitochondria (sources of power in our cells), as our parents and non-biologists teach, come from our mother.

The research published in PNAS has concluded that mitochondria of father sperm from three different families had been going on for generations for many generations. Collecting scientific understanding about this "truth" extends the possibility of improving the treatment of mitochondrial disorders, with families with many destructive diseases.

Makes the mitochondrion a molecule that converts sugars, fats and proteins to make our cells more powerful. Therefore, in the wrong, the result is often a disaster, because it causes permanent problems or dying of the affected baby in the stomach.

MELAS Syndrome, for example, begins in childhood and gets seizure and dementia. Kearns-Sayre's syndrome creates problems with sight and hearing, leaving the blind and red sick.

Most of the DNA in a cell are collected in the nucleus, but mitochondria sit inside the cell and have their own DNA. That is to say, mitochondria began to be thought of as a separate organism, about 1,45 billion years ago in cells and never left. Their reproduction moves from one generation to another by "linking the elevator".

Mitochondria are the sources of a cell.
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During fertilization, the father's sperm transfers a DNA egg but a few mitochondrial sperm are not included. If so, then there are mechanisms to destroy it. New research was found in a small family, finding the path to the egg that the father's mitochondria did not destroy, although we still do not know why. There are some assertions that could have copied this DNA from my father's mitochondrial DNA, so that the fertilized egg became embryo more than the mother.

Early studies may have an example of mitochondria after father's death, but these results have been removed due to sample contamination. But with higher technological advances, it is possible to conduct a deeper and cheaper DNA analysis. So, it is likely that more and more cases will be reported.

This work could affect scientists to study the human movement around the planet. Mitochondrial DNA humans tend to change over time, although small changes are often deadly, they do not overcome future generations. This means that a person with mitochondrial DNA is likely to be far from his ancestor and ethnic similarity.

Therefore, in different populations that are currently investigating mitochondrial DNA, scientists have seen how they have moved around the world and the possible ancestors of all human beings, "mitochondrial facial". However, all this work, based on "fact", only exceeds the mitochondrial femoral line, we now know that it is wrong.

Better treatments

The most significant implications of these findings are surprising to understand how the mitocondria is overcome, since it offers a much better chance of developing mitochondrial disorder. Although it may be possible for the mitochondria to function properly in order to multiply it within an infused egg.

Any treatment likely to be controversial may be one of your own DNA genes as it would later be generated by generations. But the only current treatment is also controversial and the insertion of the fertilized egg nucleus into a sunny egg with normal mitocondria. That is, they produce "three parents babies", and in most countries it is not allowed, even though the first baby was born in April 2016. Therefore, the handling of mitochondrial parents can be seen as a preference.

When using mitochondrial DNA to analyze human evolution and migration, the rare cases identified through the new study mean that our comprehension in this area will not be understood. But if more research suggests that the inheritance of the mitochondrial DNA of parents is common, the full understanding of our human migration should be adjusted.

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