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Supergirl Recap: Season 4 Episode 8 – [Spoiler] Fired, Crossover Teaser


Kara's future is still safe on Sundays Supergirl, finally, all those who accelerated with a series of refreshments revealed that one of them could bring war.

Although committed to continuing ongoing space space, Brainy knew Nia Nal in the 31st century, claiming that Kara's Nia's nightmares and narcolepsies could be much larger. For this reason, Nia recognized her family as a planet far away from some women who develops the ability to dream in the future. It's good to know!

That's the way Brainy entered the equation: pressing Nia's unconscious, she controlled her last vision, revealing the agent being the next Liberty's victim. (Brainy is also called "Nura" by accident, we'll talk later.) There was a confusing attempt to prevent this gang's break in Benen's "Children", which could have been totally avoided by Nia. Kara's secret (Do you know, Kara tells Lena).

To be honest, DEO has also made a great effort to ask Manchester Black's identity for Agent Liberty. He did not figure out the secret of Ben Lockwood, as if he thought that Ben's wife had deceived her as an old friend of her husband's college. anyone Their forgotten, super-intense, dash-cut British vigilante Pal who mentions themselves "Manchester Black". Meanwhile, Professor Manchester gave a full treatment to X, he was waiting for him remotely, but his rage was very strong.

With the help of Brainy, she finally saw Nia's nightmare, although she did not expect it. Agent Liberty was the "victim" of Ben's wife, who was pleading with her husband not to kill Manchester. And me again guess I'm glad to reach him. I have to admit that it's a man-made way to get rid of Manchester as an "intolerant being" for those who want to see their policy show – Supergirl's life is much easier.

Before he was taken to prison, Ben spoke about how he used his family's mask for protection, adding that Supergirl should share his alter ego. His decision was "in full transparency", although DEO demanded that his secret identity be cleared by Kara, he immediately renounced it.

At the end of this episode, we completed the next three weeks of the "Elseworlds" Crossings and will lead us to the Earth-90 with the intense collaboration between the original Flash (Jon Wesley Shipp) and The Monitor. "Why do you do that?" OG Flashe asked, "This is a strange answer to your enemies:" You have done it yourself, and now all of you will die. "(You know things were not chaotic like on Earth-38).

Also worth discussing …

I'm obsessed with Nia's roommates. How do we now with this person?

* DC buffs are probably already aware, "Nura", the name Brainy allegedly called Nia, Nura Nal, is a future member of the Super Heroes Legion. So when Brainy said: "I can not tell you how I know, but we can stop that," he said.

* Was Kara going to pay DEO, or did he leave his CatCo soldier completely? In truth, I'm sure I can afford to pay for this stunning apartment.

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