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Drug dependence must be treated as a public health issue, not a crime.

Drug users are also people, but seldom reflect on treatment. This stigma about excessive substance in Canada is the result of the laws that make up retirement.

Otherwise, if the federal government should decrypt all drugs, users would have priority and empathy for reasons.

Highlights the punishment on drug-use treatment to resolve the long-term problem of Canadian dependence. We encourage empathic approach to friends, but hope to be excluded and healthy.

It is important to remember that action is not more important than its intention. Decentralizing drug dependence and the conditions that users use, stigma will increase and reduce drug abuse.

Many drug users use drugs as self-medicates to have physical or psychological pain pain.

Suppose an athlete suffering from a serious injury prescribes prescriptions to alleviate the pain. If the doctor had suddenly quit smoking, in 2012, unless OxyContin dismissed a case, they would have to find other ways to alleviate their pain, like black market dealers.

Canadian drug decriminalizing stigma is a constructive approach to stigma stigma around stigma while focusing on a key vision as a person valued.

Drug plans, methods of reducing damage, and the use of substance to promote healthcare, will make the government more user-friendly, and will have greater control over all drugs.

Likewise, as far as fentanyl enters the street drugs, a controlled substance narrows and narrows drugs. In Ontario, excessive doses of opioids are becoming increasingly common, which has since 2000 been classified as the most common cause of death outside of death.

Quality control on the street would also reduce the quality of criminal offenses. If users want to get drugs, they would not be solved by a state-owned car park, such as crimes of robbery and prostitution.

Decenting substance would be a priority for users' health. Instead of spending money on crime, the government could offer more resources to preventive and harm reduction programs, such as care, housing and support groups.

This would not only save thousands of threatened insects, cities would be safer by reducing drug crime and allowing police officers to take more serious offenses. In other countries, this overproductive substance has been successful.

Since drug dependence was excused in 2001, the burden of Portugal's criminal justice system was greatly reduced. Opiate deaths and sexually transmitted diseases have also dropped dramatically.

The Portuguese government launched a work creation program that helped the users to help society, making sense and increasing the quality of life. By taking a similar Canada strategy, it would lead a society that wants to contribute more and encourage more people.

Users' struggles will be allowed and they will receive the necessary help to promote the cause of excess substance. In any case, it is more logical and more realistic that the reduction of damages and the safe use of drugs than absolute abstinence.

It is also essential to reduce the risks and risks of medication and to educate about drug-related risks in order to solve stigma related to substance problems.

It is a Naloxone kit that offers a precautionary education pathway to reverse the treatment for a temporary opioid surcharge such as fentanyl. As long as you only want to be accustomed to providing our directory service, do not think twice about signing up your specialties.

This is very important for students, parties, bars and events, taking into account the common use of parties such as Homecoming and St. Patrick Day.

While decentralization is still a long way off, it is progressing. In July, Kingston Street Health Center launched its Overdose Prevention Site, where local substance users can receive non-judicial assistance, supervision and clean supplies.

There are genuine steps towards empathy and acceptance, although much is needed to address our drug users' current social and judicial treatment and how to deal with dependence.

The substance of the user must be support, love and compassion. After all, people are worthy of respect as everyone else.

Geneviève Nolet's second year language, literature and culture are great.

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