Monday , October 25 2021

Surprise Sony launches New Lemmings Game, Out Now


Without warning, Sony has launched the new Lemmings game for mobile. Lemmings is just the title, the game is now iOS and Android.

It seems that new games in the 1990s tend to be Lemmings releases by modernizing the mobile device series. "We took the Lemmings experience to get people to know and renew their love and design smartphones and tablets," wrote Sad Puppy's developer on PlayStation Blog. "We have designed levels of vertical orientation, that is, the easiest position to have a single hand with a device.

"We have worked without continual control, the secondary elements as control control and the level of player levels, it's easy to plan and execute a strategy, if you know and love the Lemmings game, it has been redesigned with the best experience on your device, climb, build, block and fall through the levels, both fun and challenging control ease. "

Lemmings is free for purchasing options available for those who want to spend money on energy and cash. Note that the game description requires connecting to the internet.

The first game of Lemmings reached Amiga in 1991 before sending it to other devices. After purchasing Psygnosis from Sony, Lemmings became the exclusive PlayStation. The latest entry was the remake of the first PS2, PSP and PS3 series of 2006, also called Lemmings.

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