Thursday , October 6 2022

Surrey High School UberEats brakes, after SkipTheDishes shipments floods


SURREY (NEWS 1130) – Surrey focuses on high school students' food deliveries from companies like UberEats and SkipTheDishes.

The Semi-Hmoo Secondary School decided to create a ban on food distribution services – except for food provided in school and lunch hours, according to the school administration, more and more students are leaving classes to select food. Likewise, they spent a lot of time facing the school staff who were confronted with conflicts that were confronted with the desk staff, and they passed the desk and went to school, without signing.

According to Doug Strachan of Surrey schools, the rise in shipments was seriously damaged and potentially harmful.

"Some students left classes to get food and food out. The school did a few steps to make it easier for students to know how to make arrangements, they could do it outside of the schoolyard," he says. "It would be several shipments sent, and school staff have other things that are related to the school administration, and people constantly deliver food to people who want to eat."


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There is something to be done, he says, when the increase of shipments started to face the workers and they started creating security concerns.

"The delivery people went to the office without going to the office, or they wanted to leave the office, and the office could not act as a food delivery service," he says. "Certainly, we do not want people without school at school or at school or school personnel to not know where they are or why they are and are legitimate reasons."

Strachan has said that food appli- cation applications acknowledge the growing trend and how schools are trying to figure out how to change these technologies in technology. Students allow continued use of the delivery service, as they are limited, the solution will be acceptable.

"Everything goes well for everyone, and so far this seems to be working," he says.

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