Monday , October 25 2021

Survivor Finale Recap: [Spoiler] Win – Season 37 Winner


surviveDuring the 37th season, it has been one of the biblical proportions, and the disadvantages of hunger (aka "Davids") are the main strengths (aka "Goliaths"). Both Davids and the four Goliaths remained on the Wednesday night party, along with the name of "Great Power Comes Great Responsibility", but only one survivor of the spectacle would be the only chance to leave the Fiji Mamanuca Islands.

Kara Kay, 30, Angelina Keeley, 28, Alison Raybould, 28, Davie Rickenbacker, 30, Mike White, 47, and Nick Wilson, 27, have won the season with the same ending. Following some of the physical and psychiatric challenges, and some of the most common seasonal magazines, the jury told Davie (gasp!), Alison and Kara, leaving only Nick, Angelina and Mike in the game.

The other three caste facilities were organized by the last court. The judges were "undefiled" at this time, according to Elizabeth, that she was waiting for her to hear the final statements. Nick accepted "many people" by forming sudden alliances, although some of them have been mentioned by name; Angelina thanked her for "non-competition" with her competitors; Mike just explained that "threats would be in the game that was ready to work" [him]. "

They also did some important search of the last three souls, Mike almost broke tears, the jury said: "Everyone in the rainbow has a gold boat in the end. But for me there was never a gold bucket. It was always the rainbow." (Does anyone have an iron car for me?) And , well, Angelina brought rice.

Then the votes came. And tears. And, in the case of the voters, it lights up the lights. Here's how to shake the votes directly in Los Angeles: Nick's six votes, Mike and three votes Mike zero Angelina's Vote – Nick Wilson won this season.

Now that's it surviveThe war between Davids and Goliaths is over, you think the right player has won the 37th season? Take the vote in the question below, then Leave a comment with your last revision on Wednesday.

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