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Suspended B.C. The Legislative Authority is hoping to be a "just-right resolution" lawyer


VANCOUVER-In British Columbia's intrigue in politics at the end of a week, two non-law-abiding attorneys attorneys said they "abolished the wrongdoing" and "forced the public to quit the work" humiliating way.

Vancouver's lawsuit lawyer Mark Andrews confirmed StarMetro Craig James, the secretary of the house, and Gary Lenz, who was arrested for sergeant arm after his dramatic suspension MLAs vote on Tuesday.

A three-month RCMP probe could not be considered as a crime. Although the crime of criminal behavior is not determined.

"They expect a fair resolution," Andrews said on Friday on the phone, although he could not give details of the case. "I did not say anything else".

According to Andrews, law firm Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP of Vancouver, the company's website "B.C. and Canada" lists "special cases of professional disciplines" as a specialty.

On a letter, on Friday, heads of three provincial houses, Lenz and James, the pair said they have not yet reported allegations.

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"Craig James and Gary Lenz have committed to commit evil," wrote Andrews in a letter. The authenticity of the document confirms StarMetro. "They have the right to prove that they are innocent.

"They are senior and loyal servants of the Legislative General Assembly, which are destructive of these events. In the sphere of basic justice, they deserve to do what they have said and respond to these allegations."

The unprecedented chain of events, which was so sensitive, demanded a secret naming of two special prosecutors at the end of September, asking questions more than the answers.

The MLA voted unanimously to hand over two of the highest-ranking officials of the Parliament. James, basically, supervised the aspects of administrative and procedural aspects that were carried out in the Parliament, including his operational budget, while Lenz was the head of property security.

"The last day was harder than all the time," said Lehendakari John Horgan on a referendum on Thursday. "The question is, how can we quickly resolve the resolution that includes an RCMP study that includes two special prosecutors?

"At this moment, for impartial research, I have to take the same rigor in any other place, I trust in the RCMP research process and in our special fiscal system … It is important for the public to be confident."

The letter from Andrews, on behalf of the suspended officers, called on the Legislature to "abandon" the movement of his party to pay wages and benefits.

"If there is no such event, it must be clearly demonstrated that officials and sergeants can not carry out their office duties to wait for the investigation … the duty must be activated," the letter indicated.

James was nominated for 2011 and briefly head of the 2010 election. The career civil servants increased their levels of building to B.C. In 1987, after similar work in Saskatchewan's legislative administrative posts.

Until Lenz was nominated as a sergeant in 2009, Sidney North Saanich was the RCMP division.

Also on Friday, B.C. The first day of the Wally Oppal lawyer began the role of the "special advisor" spokesman for Darryl Plecas, previously Alan Mull, the fifteenth friend of Plecas and former colleague at Corrections. Plecas Mullen recruited the dismissal for a year's trial, before the RCMP began its investigation much earlier.

And on the same day, he also saw BC Liberal House Leader Mary Polak strictly speaking to a Plecas asking him to call an emergency meeting for weeks' waking ceremonies.

Plecas was a former member of his party, expelling the mayor to take over the role of the NDP government minority, and, as a result, he subsided the House of Equality.

"I write, as soon as possible, to assemble a commercial meeting of the Parliamentary Assembly meeting as soon as possible," said Polak.

Headed by Mike Farnworth, a carbon-headed maker, Mike NDP, and Greek Sonia Furstenau.

Three leaders of the family first learned about James and Lenz's study before Tuesday's amazing vote. According to Polak, to cancel the two officials before the vote, Plecas proposed an Mull army army, but the party leaders rejected the idea.

"I'm sure that they work with three speakers on this path. There is no doubt that it's a special time," said the proposal on Thursday Pleas. "I had the first day (Thursday) Thursday morning.

"When I spoke of the House leader (NDP's Mike Farnworth) he said that he did not advise me because he was immediately dismissed by all the rooms."

Several parliamentary staff have said StarMetron overwhelm the shock wave by building it.

"This was in any other place, be sure, it would be questions and rumors," a member of the Parliament told StarMetro earlier. They recognized anonymity because they do not allow the media to talk. "Despite being a lawmaker, the suspicious and conspiracy theories are the current news."

Another drama that kept another employee in the dark revealed the sensation during the week, asking people to find out about details of the same retailer in the "nuts" week.

"Everything I know about," said the worker, who also called for anonymity, "what a special adviser to the speaker," has said in its media (available). "

David P. Ball is a Vancouver-based reporter who covers democracy and politics. Follow on Twitter: @davidpball

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