Wednesday , October 27 2021

Sydney's call center will be closed from January 2


The former ServiCom call center in Cape Breton can be reopened in weeks and under the name of a new name, the US company said after its resurrection, he said on Tuesday.

Marlowe Companies Inc. (MCI) has said that on January 2, 2000, they were expecting a Sydney TV show. One month before, ServiCom closed its doors on the 6th. wool

The company said the CEO, Anthony Marlowe, heard the dismissal, "saw the possibility of something significant for the people of Sydney".

"Expanding into a new country of less than 30 days, it is a huge commitment, but we have excellent teams and technologies to do it," said Marlow.

"That is why we have team talent, quality, tenor and committed, and have short-term and long-term components."

The participation of MCI is supported by telecommunication and call center support companies. If there is a $ 1.5 million deal, the company will have four contracts.

Marlowe said Sydney – "tight-knit community" – was the business of his company right.

"MCI can not change the emotional effect of ServiCom on the employee and community in the last month, but hopefully we invite you to accelerate Sydney jobs by 2019."

ServiCom is still connected between past liabilities and liabilities

MCI said the nine-year lease is intended to provide closed installation and "technology-enabled inbound and outbound customer service, technical support and telescope programs".

ServiCom, named bankrupt, would continue to be responsible for wages and other liabilities in the past, he said. However, MCI would add "as much as possible" to employees, as well as job offers to provide bonuses for signing and adhering to ServiCom staff.

"It will help reduce the financial impacts of hope," said Marlowe.

Geoff MacLellan gave news at ServiCom in Cape Breton on Tuesday night. (CBC)

Scotland's business minister, Geoff MacLellan, told Marlow that they were interested in announcing prior purchases for the call they were interested in.

"Surely I can say, Anthony promises to be open as soon as possible, to resume the Sydney headquarters calls for re-operations," MacLellan informed him on Tuesday.

MacLellan, the area for the MLA, also said that the deadline for the settlement of the business is Friday, but expects it will happen as soon as Wednesday.

"At this moment, there is still a trial process that is still underway … but this time MCI will be a team that will continue with Sydney," MacLellan said, and "everything looks very positive" throughout the process. "

It's been difficult for the last few weeks, he added.

"I love this so much in the community so people are terrifying time, so for us, Glace Bay, Sydney, New Waterford and all the dots … this is good news."

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