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Terry Rossio considers "anti-vax" a claim as tedious as Tweet's n


Terry Rossio reacted with his tweet Picture: Disney Jesse Grant / Getty Images)

The Dutch writer Terry Rossio is called an anti-vascher called n-word.

The Catalonian Rossioni is a screenwriter for journalists such as Aladdin, Shrek and Pirates of the Caribbean, and therefore is denied the childhood.

He is 58 years old, the main reaction, after criticizing another writer for buying UNICEF vaccine kits.

Julie Benson published a post on Reddit that people gave vaccine vaccines to the name of their family members: "I do not mean that you need to buy it and then you have sent a card" Dogs on their own behalf, but that's what I'm saying.

Rossio wrote: "My heart is sent to all the damaged children that are vaccinated with children, not only suffer from the loss of their losses, but also badries and sensitivities (such as here).

& # 39; Anti-Vax calls someone to * * ***** and makes the least sense. & # 39;

Yes, in a sense, the screenwriter nominated for an Oscar said the vaccines were wrong, they were called anti-vax's mussels in a breed, and said the slow race in its entirety. There is a lot of unpacked.

Immediately afterwards, some of the movies and TV and the tweet began to make any mistake published by Rossio.

Jeffrey Grubb tweeted: "God, that's fine. I remem- ber that American creators and citizens have been slaughtering the skeptic vaccines for decades, and then, even after releasing them, the government guarantees laws to refuse vaccines and refuse wealth and opportunities. .

"This comparison would be considered offensive if we say, as with any other anti-vaccine, vaccine vaccine has had all the possibilities to prove their notions of paradoxical research.

& # 39; But, of course, we know that this is not just the typical control of social quality that must overcome any other idea. And who amongst them did not have a public vaccine against vaccination, even if they tried to do even basic research?

& # 39; Oh, and finally: eat shit, Terry. & # 39;


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While another person responded: "My heart goes to children infected with polio, hawthorn and other high prevention, because parents do not have a vaccine …"

However, Rossio has lowered its vaccines against vaccines, although tweets later censor the word.

He wrote: "Do you use an N-word equivalent to encourage labeled people as anti-vax? Do you realize that an ethnic group scares the same stereotype with any label that has a label? Do not you have feelings for children and parents affected by vaccines?

"Do you not have the problem with unwanted ideas, bad medical advice, stereotypical labeling, and the disability of children and parents? And you still get in touch with me when you call your actions?"

Among other things, other stars that have debated against dog collocations have been Kat Von D, Jim Carrey, Jenny McCarthy, Charlie Sheen and Alicia Silverstone.

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