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Tesla CFO, Deepak Ahuja, has backed over more than Zach Kirkhorn's hands

Tesla's Q4 2018 profit could be the most amazing version of the announcement, for a long time CFO Deepak Ahuja announced the company's retirement. Zach Kirkhorn, the vice president of the electric car, came up with Tesla after the Roadster of Origin.

CFO's wicked retirement announcement occurred at the end of the Q4 win call. Along with executive director Elon Musk, he thanked his contributions to the company. Deepak, meanwhile, also thanked Tesla for saying that the company is the best team in the industry. Although leaving his message, Deepak is the company's mission. However, Elon Musk would act as a senior advisor "safe next year".

It's not said Deepak will leave Tesla tight. The company has been profitable in the second quarter and has reached the point that reached Model 3 production in international markets. After a profitable call, Deep warned that Zach was optimistic about his post.

"I feel very good about Zach, who has proved himself challenging for many years," he said.

The director of the Tesla's receiver received the echo of Deepak's feelings. During the last year's profit-making call, Zache said he hopes to escalate the company's energy business.

"I've been in the midst of the major Roadster company's operations … to expand our energy business and become more of a future. We will start with a very solid financial foundation in 2019. We have enough money to start new programs and develop new technologies," he said.

It's not the first time Deepak Ahuja Tesla left. In 2015, the financial veteran announced the departure of the electric car. Jason Wheeler replaced Google's former Financial VP, leaving Tesla's CFO post to get public sector interests. After Wheeler's departure, Deepak retired to fill Tesla's CFO position.

Deepak is among the key figures in Ahuja Tesla. Prior to his employment in the automobile manufacturer in 2008, Ford had a relatively comfortable position. In a graduated presentation at Northwest University, with her soulmate, Deepak stated that this vision of Elon Musk was ultimately driven by Tesla.

"Not only did Elon Musk's meetings, but also understand the view of Tesla, it was a turning point in my life. I felt a passion about this opportunity in a way I felt before," he said.

Tesla was the first CEO of the company in 2008 to address financial problems among the key executives. Eventually, Tesla got a successful IPO. In the end, contributions to Deepak Ahuja stand out, and it would not be a stretch that Tesla would not have today without the CFO's legendary work.

In addition to Tesla's Q4 2018 results, Deepak's departure from Wall Street seems to be negative. In addition to writing, Tesla Stock (NASDAQ: TSLA) has a 4.68% fall, trading at $ 294.80.

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