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Tesla End of 2018 Latest News Positive Week Far – #Pravduh About # Task Report 17



Published December 30, 2019 |
Chanan Bos

December 30th, 2018 according to Chanan Bos


This last week of 2018 was much more positive than the previous week in the mainstream media coverage of Tesla. In fact, the wise percent, we continue from the beginning of September. Both new directors have helped a lot, the impact of the successful Model 3 star.

As more deeply immersed in the titles of new offices, there are 23 titles on this subject. Out of the titles, 9 mention the SEC; And 6 mentioned the following: Musk is a friend of Ellison Elon, a member of the United States in charge, regulator, tweet or other skepticism. Then, there were 9 titles that mention negatives.

Since, above all, since it was a positive issue, almost all were positive, although many were malicious or negative. We only rated 3 negatives:

  • "Why Teslaren Hartziarik handiena Ellison Add Skeptic" (Bloomberg)
  • "Tesla Taps Ellison, Expert with HR Musk" (Bloomberg)
  • "Oracle's Larry Ellison, Walgreens Executive, will take over the Tesla Board to fill the SEC settlement with Musk Tweets" (Forbes)

In total, Bloomberg He has published 4 articles on this topic and one Forbes It was a negative number, because it is the only holder that received either the SEC or a negative item.

In addition, in a special bet for events, the stock market offered us good news this week, but then it reacted negatively. Tesla cut its prices in China and announced a tax credit difference that Tesrent could not deliver a vehicle before 2019. Tesla stock [TSLA] If you continue again. The announcement is positive, the stock market reaction has been negative, whether it is positive or negative. For this reason, 4 titles have been rated as neutral.

Well, that's basically another one of December / Q4 of 2018, which will be generated next week. Next year we will launch new news and more than September 1, 2018.

Remember that we share raw data (headlines and scores) each week. You can scan through yourself if you want to verify our findings or only view your titles. And you can take into account our Tesla stories to get more context and comparison. For details on our method and heavyweight analysis, see Pravduh about the previous Tesla.

#Pravduh about #Tasla
Report # 17 (December 22-28)

The news about our career continues with the authors who cover this news. The whole list is too long among many authors who have written a piece about Tesla. Since authors who have published more than 9 articles on Tesla since the beginning of September 1, we have at least the most positive ones. Positive:

Neutrality index is 100% from -100% positive. In this system, 0% is neutral. Negative / positive percentages of articles and percentages are also shown. This system explains how the authors are located.

For this section, note: In one of the major media, many writers often control this part of this article. However, we can keep track of the authors as interesting and useful as the stories written by the authors are written.

What changed with Tesla last week

In the summary of the introduction, here is the list of news and news of Tesla news. The "Tesla story" that you asked yourself last week was objectively important updates.

Some Sneaky Headlines last week

  • Over the years, 2018 Tesla, Nissan, was a car for the automobile industry. GM investors expect peace and tranquility in 2019 (CNBC)
  • Thrillers, Frills and Foibles New Patterns of the New Tesla Foibles 3 (Forbes)
  • Tesla: Buying Opportunity or Falling Knife? (Street)

The more #Pravduh about #Tasla Reports are shared through social networks on the web, people will warn. Though Tesla's lack of constant negative questions, despite the fact that Tesla shares so many positive news, people must know that each and every story about this new context has to be taken into account.

Once again, here is the data in the last week if you want to be closer to raw data.

For details on our method and heavyweight analysis, see Pravduh about the previous Tesla.

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