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Test 2019 Honda CRF250R Cahuilla Creek MX-n


2019 Honda CRF250R

Newly introduced in 2018, the CRF250R GEICO Honda and TiLube Honda teams have won the AMA Supercross and Arenacross competition, respectively. With increased acceleration performance performance, the 2019 model adds up the potential of the race, resulting in updates based on the engine, brakes and electronics factory. Put them together and CRF250R quickly turns into turns until the race is won. In fact, internal testing confirmed the 2019 CRF250R consistency. The Honda test-track was faster than a 2.2-second corner of a control point that gained the true power.

2019 Updates

  • Camera HRC factory The new camera profile on the MX2 race series is a powerful external acceleration
  • New Input and Geometry Ports Improve Minimum Rpm Engine Power by Keeping High Performance End of CRF250R
  • The new 44mm throttle body improves the air intake of minimum rpm compared to the previous 46mm version, for better output for corner output
  • The new piston oils jet have four pit holes, four instead of improving piston cooling efficiency and reducing tachycardia, allowing a precise set-up time specific setting.
  • Leaking on the right has shortened the length of 50 mm to achieve a high power rpm
  • All new AC generators reduce weight and friction losses
  • Rentward Fatbar® reduces driver weight and adapts to the perfect comfort
  • The triple top dampers have a handlebar position, with a retractable handle for 26 mm, ensuring the comfort of the rider. When using 180 degrees, the handlebar can be moved to another 10 mm base position, with a total of four riding positions in different positions
  • The new engine engineer lets you increase the flow of air by improving motor performance performance
  • New network sponsors provide better coverage
  • Black rims hold a strong presence and turn off
  • A new, lighter, lighter front brake uses a different diameter piston (30 mm and 27 mm) for high braking performance
  • The updated front brake hose had a reduced expansion for more precise braking
  • The new shape floorplates are 20% lighter and make it easier to mud, making the rider confident with all the most sensitive and passionate conditions

Motor / Drivetrain

  • High-performance, 249-cc single-cylinder engine, dual-chamber design and high bounce limit, offering great performance
  • With Finger Rocker, with Diamond Like Coatings (DLC), it maximizes the valve lift while keeping the engine's height low
  • Downdraft entry design creates a great deal of power and provides a high throttle response that reduces resistance, improving aircharging efficiency
  • Dual leak ports improve air loading efficiency
  • Starting the start of the electric motor starting point
  • Easily select mopeds Standard, Smooth, and Aggressive tuning simple ways depending on the driver's preference or course conditions
  • Selective control HRC startup offers a stream of current momentum before the start of the race

Chassis / suspension

  • The aluminum coat, along with the tapered main spars, gives the opinion of the rider
  • Low gravity saves the performance of powerful acceleration
  • Reasonable and compact 1.66 gallon titanium tank maintains a minimal weight
  • The relaxed bodywork design facilitates the movement of riders
  • Mold graphs are durable and durable due to cleansing or abrasion
  • Geomax MX3S tires top bump absorption and grip in a variety of different conditions

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