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The affected energy companies can not stop flooding, with the above regulations

OTTAWA – The Supreme Court of Canada claims that the bank is believed to be the trusted Alberta energy company, agricultural land does not exclude farms without having to clean it.

Judge 5-2 of the High Court has ruled on the decision of the Court of Alberta in 2016 in the Queen of Bench Alberta Court, which sells an energy-efficient company, when it is linked to non-durable goods and non-disposable assets that are not sold by the company. with creditors.

The Supreme Court has today expressed the trustworthiness of Grant Thornton SL that it is not possible to abandon the abandoned pools outside its life obligations to protect the environment.

The resolution conflicts between the federal dispute and the provincial jurisdiction in the environmental and energy sector.

The provincial energy regulators in Alberta redundantly demanded Redwater Energy Corporation to render environmentally-protected abandoned properties to meet end-of-life conditions.

The company's shareholders did not comply, and included the challenge of the regulator's action as a counterbalance, referring to the federal bankruptcy lawsuit.

Since the case came to the court, approximately 1,800 wells represent more than $ 100 million in liabilities.

The energy regulator of Alberta and the Water Sciences Association, an industrial-financed group, refuse to clean up the unpaved sewers, sued the main court.

With the help of thousands of farmers, a group also wanted to compare the decision of the great court.

The Action Area Rights Association took part in this case, allegedly excluding the rights of landlords.

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