Monday , May 29 2023

The Apple iPhone XS case increases to twelve, iPhone XR still zero


If you are looking for more color to add a color to your iPhone or Apple Watch, now choose a few options. Apple sells the three colors with more silicone cases and hangs on the Apple store with yellow, green and pink (through MacRumors). In addition to these new colors, the nike's iPhone application, streams, olive groves and mauve, will allow Apple to be purchased directly.

Unfortunately, there is also no official case in the case of iPhone XR. Previously, we have speculated that the reason for the lack of case has to do with the bright colors of the phone's schematics, which should not cover with the hidden shield. There is still a mysterious case that appears in the press materials before the phone's release, but it must be selected from third party options.

The watch for Apple Watch is also available in new colors.
Image: Apple

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