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The arrests as a beater return to the Canadian Post Classification center


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Three people were arrested and on Thursday morning they received abuse, and on Friday they were staged in the post office post office in Canada, as an assistant to the post offices organized on Friday.

Approximately 40 people took part in morning morning protests, said Dylan Penner of Postal Workers People. Ottawa is the second protest during this week's activist stage demonstrations across the country.

"Tonight, we had a pipette in the community and there was no current position or guarantee," said Penner. The demonstrator stated that postal workers confirmed their Charter in accordance with the rule of law in the past week.

The Prime Minister of Stephen Harper did not have any unconstitutionality and, as a result, the prosecutors urged Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to abolish Canadian legislation and pressure. mounting of injury rates and salary equity.

"While the post office workers are working in the legislature, there are millions of workers from coast to coast, which do not limit the law," he said.

The police said the demonstrators arrived at Sandford Fleming Avenue in hours and arrested 30 and 30 people in "just a short time." The court said Monday and Wednesday investigations are ongoing. No more information published.

Canadian Post stated that "is hindering the mobility of individuals" in the facilities of Ottawa, Hamilton and Oshawa.

"We will take the appropriate action to collect illegal activities and send mail and packages," said the corporation.

In Ottawa on Monday, many Protestants were the Ottawa Revolutionary Communist Party and the World Wide Workers' Party, according to the spokesman.

On Saturday, people from Canada Post who are not Canadian Postmen have "had no Canadian employees but did not have a sudden participation in the company," despite the Ontario Supreme Court's orders against Ontario's blockade of facilities.

He passed the Senate Parliamentary Assembly a week before, as the strike was turning.

The Union of the Union of Canada calls "allies" Monday, the blocks of Canadian Post facilities in Ottawa, Oshawa and Hamilton and demonstrations throughout the country over the weekend.

Six people were arrested in Halifax for the weekend to block mail facilities; In London, other carriers were held on Tuesday.

The Canadian message "said corporations on their website," due to unprecedented delays, Canadian Post has suspended standard product warranties. "


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