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The awesome former Pichu is now a small ball of death

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At first sight, Pichu is not very strong Super Smash Bros. nature The diminutive Pokémon is nice as a button, surely, but its weakness has always been shouting by its members. Super Smash Bros. Melee. But that all changed Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Many contestants have said Kotaku That bit is much better in the last Break it up, especially that it is considered the best character of the game Pokémon. Pichu has improved the ability to undermine and eliminate opponents, allowing a small body to bury the attacks and prevent them from exploiting larger characters.

Little story Super Smash Bros. The series has been short and not easy Ultimate Switch came last month. His only previous appearance, Super Smash Bros. MeleeThe electric mouse is a joke character. It has auto-injurious attacks and has a little frame and helps with one of the easiest ways to kill it. According to recent news Head over The Tier list, the third-party nature of Pichu is the worst case, and head-to-head graphics have to take into account that almost every participant is the difference between Bowser and Kirby, the only person that is worse than Pichu.

This does not mean serious Head over Players do not use Pichu, but others disagree, otherwise they do not believe it. The best current Pichu user, Jason "Mew2King" veterans, Zimmerman, Second, DreamHack, and Smash, have won important tournaments such as Splash, with Little Pokémon. Although it has been shining brightly, at the highest level Pichu is a very bad competition, even though players such as Mew2King are still very strong fighters.

When it was announced Super Smash Bros. Ultimate All parts of the past parts of French would appear, the Pichu poison was quite a bit like that of the popular fighters such as Fox and Marth. But it soon became clear that the Pokémon baby deserves attention. The community made improvements to Pichu before Ultimate Although thanks to many press conferences, and thanks early They indicated the value of the Tier lists in the character competitiveness of the game. These opinions were supported post-launch when James "VoiD" Makekau-Tyson and Landon "Captain L" Trybuch began to win a lot of championships.

Eric "ESAM" Lew, who usually plays Pikachu, believes that Pichu has improved Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. "[Pichu’s] Speed ​​and aggressive behavior are the best in the game, "he explained Kotaku. "Pichuk has better combos, more damage, better rojiblanco, better killing potential, everything was much better Head over. "

"I think that Pichu is the best character in the game," said Trybuche, who won the Pinnacle character last December. "Strong pressure will make the opponent play Pichu in most games, and in other games, he will not be able to enter Pichu. Pichu is going through and it is very difficult. Two or two convoys allow you to kill your bundles, but their weight seems to be a big disadvantage. It helps to escape a lot of trustworthiness in some characters. In the end, being a little bit is always an advantage Break it up games, and Pichu takes it to an extreme. "

As Pichach Pikachu was considered a weak version, they are now quite skilled. One of the newest characters that combines opinion of the most outstanding players is the creation of Pichu, next to Pikachu. Trybuch, who played Pikachu either Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Wii UThe strength of the Pichu group is strong and its evolutionary form is compared. He also stated that "the small and low profile hitboxes" was always a favorite part of Pikachu and Pichu Spades.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate"Invisible No Park" Misty Grass Champion "MVD" Negron has made a lot of "amazing opportunities" for Pichu to strengthen his opinion on his personality.

"[Pichu] You can damage your opponent quickly and have many opportunities to kill him, he almost forgets that he is harming himself, "Negron said Kotaku. "Pichu can be a bit more powerful and we have already seen great success with players such as VoiD. I do not see Pichu coming soon."

Combat fighters' competitive games rarely announce a strong character based on prepositional appearances. Profitability reduced in profitability Street Fighter VFor example, the potential of its winning game is far away Capcom vs. SNK 2. But even so, Pichu is a sudden situation Super Smash Bros. A star is amazing Super Smash Bros. Melee. This joke character has been one of the greatest depths of darkness Ultimate It offers you and awesome new battlefield fighters, at least at that time.

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