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The BC man was raped with the prison sentence, $ 175,000


A BC man was forced to imprison a jail as he was sentenced to a criminal offense and he was forced into prison for $ 175,000 after the ruling of the Supreme Court ruling this week.

The decision occurs as a result of a case claimed by the victim, who has been in the B.E.S for 54 years.

According to court rulings, B.E.S sex was attacked during a tour of Oakall's jail – Burnaby's penance, which is no longer in place, at the end of the 1970s, it was a "Scared Straight" tour.

This tour joined Break-and-Enter when B.E.S committed to a house, helped a friend of his school and fall into two other homes and steal them.

After apologizing, after failing to make the first attempt, the next day, B.E.S and his friends returned home, they "drank orange juice" and stole a large TV successfully.

The police broke up and B.E.S. arrested and his friends almost immediately. A policeman took B.E.S. At home, where his mother, fearing the news of his son, was "forbidden" to socialize with his friends.

Program "Fear Correct"

B.E.S. He had to go to the court as a result of his arrest, and it was here that the judge was "terribly frightening" of these types of crimes, and asked parents to take part.

B.E.S. He said his parents agreed but did not know what a "direct fear" program was.

After a few months appearing on his court, B.E.S. A female jailer officer from home was taken to Oakall.

When they arrived, they entered the main entrance and went to a room. He was told to sit in the left room while a probation officer spoke to a guard. This guard had "caught him" and staggered one or two flights, according to court documents.

At the top of the stairs, they turned to the right. Another guard at the B.E.S school said he was sitting at a table to exit.

B.E.S. said that moment, standing around five prisoners were pushed and pushed by the guard B.E.S. Enter a cell and lock the door, B.E.S. telling you They showed what they were in jail.

The courts then rapeed, causing the "extreme pain" of B.E.S.

Eventually, the guard opened the door and left, then took the B.E.S. Outside, down the parking lot and stairs. He opened the door to one area with four or five cells.

He promoted the Guard B.E.S. He locked in a cell and locked it in for a while. When the guard finally left him, he pushed him against a wall and nobody ever believed his story. B.E.S and the guard ran through a series of stairs, when the officers of the probationary and the guides led.

Judgment has been determined after the judge has been tried.

Prison made many guides

Located in Burnaby, Oakalla – The Region of the Region of the Lower Region was renamed in 1970 – it was closed on June 30, 1991 and became a new housing development.

However, before the closure, the military jail made several visits between 1978 and 1981, according to court records. These tutorials, usually, left only adolescents, were locked in dark cells and were subjected to abuse.

By its decision, Justice Jennifer Duncan wrote B.E.S. In prison, many prisoners had a sexual assault on the actions of an official directorate and that this province was not an officer of unknown actions.

B.E.S was paid $ 150,000 for unpredictable damages and $ 25,000 for future future costs.

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