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The beautiful babies that have given birth to Christmas have been celebrating the survival of the miracle


Now, it's hard to believe that these adorable babies win their first Christmas fight.

The Christmas Days of 2017 were born with devastating hearts, during the days of surgery.

New mums are full of excitement for buying baby ruffles and Santa suits, and their little angels catch face-to-face faces on the camera.

But cruelly, the holiday season was revoked when Beau (16 months old) was given to Edward and Leo families for 14 months, because they spent most of their babyservice beds for a real Christmas miracle.

Their prayers were answered and Christmas, marked as milestone, The British Heart Foundation won three precious garments together for festive films and feature films, taking part in Christmas charity festivals.

During pregnancy, children born with heart mistakes, Edward, Leo and Beau mother arrived.

Leo's mother, Aimee Roberts, 25, Bristol explains: "My 20-week-old girl told me that my baby had a hole in the heart, but it was not serious, and the hole was probably closed when it was born.

"But when he was born, trials had been carried out for Intensive Care, and he had a heart-hearted heart that had a heart attack and a heartfelt heart that would have to stay alive.

"One-week Leo old had a seven-hour operation, weighing five pounds. He first appeared on the blood of Leo on December 23, but Gabon canceled it.

"We had sugars and chips – we found it in the freezer – we tried to make a Christmas dinner and do not make any gifts.

"He went home with a personal nurse at noon and Boxing Day, but then we had to go to A & E on Boxing Day, his voice streaming on his throat as he stopped all the glasses from his legs.

"In the end, we came back home on New Year's Eve, so we're really grateful this year for traditional families lost in last year's summer."

Earlier, Edward had an anxiety last year

The baby Beau was born last year in the middle of the heart (the hipoplastic heart of the left hip syndrome, which means that it did not develop properly on the left side of the heart) and had an open heart in two days and only six pounds.

She had a one-week life support, but then she started recovering enough to return home.

But before his first Christmas he entered the cardiac insufficiency and entered the hospital.

The most feared Mum Demik was afraid when Bea was confronted with another heart surgery in 3 months.

Demi and Beau obtained permission to return home last year, but Demi family wept to celebrate, because her daughter was so bad.

"Actually, I'm looking for Christmas," says Demi, 21, from Birmingham.

"I can not wait to show trees, baubles and lights – I want to ruin it. It is so emotional that it was not believed that nobody would do it."

Beau has a much better future than last year

Baby Edward's mother Stephanie Lewis, 28 Wales also had the worst Christmas of her life. Her son was born with Pulmonary Atresia (rare heart disease, unlike a lung valve) and only had two heart surgery surgery to open the heart of the old days in the heart valve.

"But six weeks ago Edward Edward worsened he did not have enough blood to supply his lungs and had heart surgery to be open.

"We also found some urinary problems.

"Last Christmas, it was incredibly horrible that Edward had not been in a hospital, but they were treated for four different complications.

"This will be his first Christmas at home, and we plan to go to town and remember.

"It was so emotional that Edward felt so happy that he dressed in the little snowman's Christmas BHF campaign.

"He and the other babies really summarize the spirit of Navidad".

Leo will have his first Christmas at home

Demi adds: "We were all happy to take part in this campaign.

"Before BHF, most of the children born to heart disease in the United Kingdom did not survive on the first birthday.

"Today, thanks to research (it has only been able to make generous donations to the public) they will last about ten out of ten."

All three babies continue to be a doubtful future and in the future need more surgeries to improve their quality of life.

But what is this year to remember Christmas.

Four people die of heart and circulatory diseases in the UK, but you can keep them in Christmas for Christmas. Start your heart and donate it to the British Heart Foundation for research.

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