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The behavior of Surrey Six Mountie was badly played out by witness testimony

The official RCMP is divided into a ganglike gangway that shoots dead B.C. History had long months, alcohol-fueled sexual intercourse, witnessing the potential of the incident, divided into several hotel rooms paid by the forces.

Then-Sgt. When Derek Brassington described himself in a trial trial he apologized.

"I treated him as a girlfriend," said former officers B.C. Supreme Court

Brassington approved a passage of twelve nights in the hotel rooms paid for RCMP for drunk and sexual intercourse in 2009. In the 39th place, the sergeants witnessed the bars and clubs at night.

He affirmed his lie to most colleagues, but the judges were aware of others after some time and, at least, they took part in more than one occasion.

Three years ago, Brassington was sentenced to three months' imprisonment by three investigators. The other two admitted that they knew their affair and did not inform them on Wednesday.

Officials – Brassington, former employee Sgt. David Attew and Cpl were suspended. Danny Michaud – In 2011, misconduct was charged. This month they were guilty of special trials.

A body will be charged after several homicidal killings in Surrey on October 21, 2007. Five people have been convicted of Surrey's Six Sins. (Jonathan Hayward / Canadian Press)

Behavior details were a mysterious part of a decade, but the details were revealed. These procedures were initially sponsored by the prohibition of publication, but the ban's resignation was canceled after the CBC News and Global News challenge in the afternoon.

Although Surrey Six continued the investigation and the five officers condemned with five murders, the court heard the credibility of the officers were tarnished by the researchers, and the police had to work for hours again.

In the hearings, men thought that moment they thought. Two said they were not thinking clearly, stressful punishments and traumatisms were their work in high profile cases while leading researchers went beyond reason.

In conclusion, Brassington would say in court: "I sold my soul for that."

6 dying investigation

Brassington, Attew and Michaud worked with the homologous integrated research team (IHIT), the RCMP and the municipal police officers, the specialty homicide unit.

Surrey was working on file Six, a deep investigation, six men were killed after shooting at Surrey Highrise on October 19, 2007.

Attew and Brassington were under the supervision of witnesses under the direction of Attew Brassington. Michaud worked on the show.

Brassington admits that the failure to comply with the guilty and the massive murder of a witness who takes part in a research venture is endangered on January 18.

He did that, in short, dated for six months.

Talked to the journalist Brassington on December 11, 2013. (CBC)

"I treated her as a girlfriend," Brassington denounced the court after her sentences. "I did not want to be in love".

Brassington completed the witness on June 6, 2009. He agreed to work as a witness during the following month.

Brassington, a co-authored report by Brawny, described as a "researcher of all stars," as a demonstrator, was assigned the head of the study for the management of the study and protection program.

To keep tobacco testimonials and stop the gang's life, Crown explained that the RCMP officials needed to get in touch with civilians in their new homes and secrets, sometimes to fly with visitors. pairs

First, Brassington brought the witness to his room hotel after going to bed with his partner. When they passed the night, they did not ignore it until they returned to his room in the morning.

Then they got their courage and began the public outings of bars and clubs.

Brassington was also admitted to sexual activity with a third witness.

Relationship with the Officer Suspicious Girlfriend

Brassington and Attew were also assigned to manage another witness in the X X document court.

Person X acknowledged to his girlfriend that he had participated in the Surrey Six shootings. He encouraged the police to awaken, and they both included a witness protection program.

Attew continued to work, especially with the confidence of the girlfriend.

The RCMP officers sought property on 24 October 2007, about six people were killed in the building. (Jonathan Hayward / Canadian Press)

In April 2009, Brassington and Attew visited Persona X's girlfriend in her new home. They were drunk in a bar and closed to the closure.

Later, Attew went to the hotel room of the girlfriend alone. They ended the musician while Athele touched her dresses, but dismissed it.

The court heard that people X had turned almost to the police, what Attew did, as another key task. In the end, he continued collaborating with that research.

Once, Brassington and Attew took the Cowbell girlfriend of Brassington, who worked with the girlfriend of Person X in the bar. That night, they spent $ 800 dollars on alcohol, sitting at the lap of Brassington's seat before his officer.

Immediately after his marriage overcame the scandal, according to law and demand, B.C., against the RCMP Law, on Tuesday, he was not guilty of claiming. Six convicts of six months were convicted.

Under the great RCMP examinations

Another revelation of the Court trial, Brassington and Attew Dziekanski, and Surrey Six massive cases.

Robert Dziekanski, a Polish immigrant from Canada, after the Tasks of the RCMP of the International Airport of Vancouver, was buried on October 14, 2007 – five days before the murder of Surrey.

Dziekanski's research used force for emergency, and Brassington called the court as a possibility of repayment of a murder case.

"Instead of recovering public confidence and faith in RCMP, I killed him," he said after apologizing to the tribunal.

"I'm sorry that everyone in this country looks at the police for what they do."

Someone who finished the story of Brassington told the RCMP that it had happened in the winter of 2009. His wife later divorced and moved home with the family.

"A father should not do that. A father should not do that. I did not do that," said Brassington.

A force told the Ontario Police in February 2010. Michaud was asked by the third officer, after all, to charge him about the question he asked.

The arrest of a three-month arrests took place three months after Attew yesterday.

Brassington was sentenced to at least two years after the arrests of the day.

Five people in Surrey have been convicted of six murders.

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