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The best Raptors should improve seasonal progress


TORONTO – Toronto Raptors, literally never been better than that. And once, "literally" is being used correctly. During 21 games – the 82-year-old player who has not mathematically correct the fourth NBA season has won 17 games.

Kawhi Leonard, Raptors, on Tuesday dropped the Scotiabank Arena tonight on Miami Heat 125-115 Sunday. They won their fifth straight and got the best confidence in the Eastern Conference, where Milwaukee played two games and the whole of the League. How good has this started?

Raptors has created three games in Golden State Warriors (14-7).

Toronto has made it easy to look, most of all. Milwaukee was the only soldier to repeat the second half of the match, one of seven games was sequel to Leonard's charge or injury.

Their record could be very good because they did not have a 19-point lead against Detroit, or they closed the door against Boston. In other words, these Raptors are possessions outside of 19-2. If you leave behind, it is difficult to put on your face.

"We went down a couple of games that we constantly rolled out – we did not want to release at the Detroit game, which will happen in the Boston game," said Danny Green, who seems to know the season's championship. "No one will be perfect, no one has won 82-0, but we have a great potential. There is a long way to go, but here are some good things, but the best things – between our leaders and vets – have to build lasting customs in defense , where we can win and win these games, we're shooting well ".

Why have they shown that they can think great against the heat? Most of the season's season components were clearly seen against Goran Dragic, Tyler Johnson and Dion Waiters. The only human effort against Dwyane Wade, whose under 35s are between 35 and 36? – She blocked the blockade.

Raptors finished third in the third quarter in the third quarter, when Wadi beat Miami eight minutes earlier, fourth in the third quarter, losing 35-17 and Toronto was eliminated. During the break, in Kyle Lowry's central court, there was a 32-meter-high 3-meter track and Toronto's 4:54 centimeters rose.

Otherwise? Raptors were Raptors:

• Kawhi Leonard is very good. Raptors's basket was once again a great shopping season.'s Twitter channel's Facebook page New in PDF RSS feeds of's Twitter channel's Facebook page RSS feeds's RSS Feeds's Twitter channel's Facebook page RSS feeds of RSS feeds of's Twitter channel He spent 36 minutes on Sunday from "17-22. 45 "or something.

Because her smile does not make her smile so lonely, she should never have shots she should ever do. The game was tired later, a three point shot (33.9 percent) did not quite fit and still had a new game with a new game in the new team. However, he is almost 25 years old. It stole points, nine poles and two games, all in accordance with numbers 2016-17, when it was the third of the MVP ballot.

Wait until you catch fire.

• Kyle Lowry (12 points and 10 attendance) remains a high-IQ marvel, a competitive rookie-free competition with a G-League. In the second quarter, Raptors was hot in a defensive shot and the balloon was wide-awake by James Johnson. Lowry kept the ice at full speed to meet his former teammate, but when he arrived he crushed his hips and moved the ball under control.

There was no need to run away and the competition was not the elite of Johnson's three-point shooter. Lowry's strain stopped the ball and then Johnson dribbled the drivers, and Johnson kicked the ball out. He was a small player in the field of great things, but a 14-year-old veteran, protects all the stars from hard-and-smash and intelligent leadership, who does not play.

• Pascal Siakam has delivered an Instagram promise during the summer. Superstars are essential for being an NBA elite team, but many of them can get a trade or a draft through a lottery or a free agency. Then, it is advisable to balance the group while trying to raise the ladder is creating a stunning place. Draymond Green's Warriors had a second lap, for example.

Siakam got 21 points in nine draws against Miami, a tribute to transition trophy and finished painting. Anyone to direct Siakam to pick a corner pick-and-roll and the planned left-wing dungeon Hassan Whiteside left in the first trimester three years before the arrival of the New Mexico statue?

Of course not, because they did, Siakam seventh would be replaced instead 27.

It is an average of 14.2 points, which is shot in the first thirty-third period of the third season, and defends the defense of Leonard, Lowry, Green, and Jonas Valanciunas and Serge Ibaka. Raptors's mid-stage show, Raptors combining 48-minute star production in painting. Good players scored 25 points against 17 against Miami, as an example.

This does not mean that everything is perfect, it must be the rest of the NBA.

On Sunday night in the game, Raptors were in the NBA in the three points of the NBA, that is, except Green's exception; In fact, the team was leading 44 percent before leveling 0-4 before heat – almost three-point shooters shoot badly according to their standards.

Strangers will not continue and Raptors shows signs on Friday and Sunday that the numbers will start to normalize. C.J. Thousands (10 points to win the season's season) throws 25 percent of the season? No, he will not do it. Similarly, Fred VanVleet (10 points and four support) was expected to reach 41.5 percentage points in the last year, although it does not make sense to have a seventh year of 32 years.

Also, Leonard – a 38 point three point shooter on his career – only 22 percent before November was deep in 3-of-8 against Miami. What do you think about these numbers? Lowry has also survived in November, but in the last three years he is one of the three points of the third point that has not been named by Steph Curry. It will be fine and Raptors will be the best movie before.

An interesting question is that the unit of the bank brought a weapon for Raptors a year ago.

For all reasons why Raptors are net-negative – -0.5 must be accurate, this year the starters left the floor one year ago among the NBA's best +3.5 – the main reason that Raptors fought for this year's time to consider and extend.

There are some ongoing issues: The nurse Ibaka and Valanciunas is a product like an outrageous flip-flop, and VanVleet, Delon Wright and OG Anunoby have worked together for a long time with injuries and absences. Thousands fought. Bronze battle lost Heat (71-42), largely due to a transcendent effort by Wade against powerful Raptors defenders.

But that does not happen every night. There's a lot more to be heard about the Hall of Famers NBA banks. VanVleet and Wright and Advertisoby have been very successful and Miles finds his blows. Everything seems to be in the category marked "later than", since the Raptors bench must be positive again.

"The ceiling is high, man. And when we're playing, we'll get bigger," Miles said. "One day at the same time, it's a practice, a game, but what we can do is to calculate what we need to do to boost it, so that the ceiling is a final game."

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