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The Black Mirror Orion History of San Junipero is very well worth it


Yorkie and Kelly Black Mirror.
Image: Netflix

Here's your weekend's reading task: a few days ago, the Vulture published a vast and comprehensive oral story Black Mirror The section called "San Junipero", a fabulous fable about fake, loving and second choices.

This is an excellent piece, and brooker tells some interesting things, especially on the naughty nature of the section, which, in any case, was totally unknown.

"I thought we gave them some giant clues, but people generally did not receive them," he said. He looked at:

There's a moment in Tucker, Guy shows Yorkie this arcade driving game, and a car crashes on the screen. Rakel has a huge reaction, which reminds him of the crash that paralyzes the car. Once you know what happens, it makes an ideal sense. We also put the noise of a car accident on the soundtrack; so I think people should go straight away. "Oh, it's been in a car accident in real life." But nobody never takes it for a third time to see it.

The second track was playing Smith's "Girlfriend in a Coma" on a Yorkie shot. You see, I think the audience is writing all these little details! But they are not. Only people will notice when the plot does not make sense. It's good to get the public, though, otherwise it might feel like a complete trap.

I like to write wall plots Black Mirror It must be a constant challenge, and Brooker was apparently not thinking. The whole story is full of such entertaining games, or, to feel together, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, who played Kelly, was traded with Denise Burse's lines, playing Kelly older and reading others. Pieces together.

"San Junipero" was still an amazing television show, but I still do not know about myself. I recommend checking it out.

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