Wednesday , February 1 2023

The blind fish could be the key to correcting the broken hearts of humans


A heart-shaped species of fish is being investigated by medical researchers to help them find out how to make their findings discoverable for human heart disease.

The fish are Mexican tetra-fishes (Astyanax Mexicanus) that can be found on the western edge of the Caribbean Sea. Their genetics give them an incredible ability to regenerate the posterior hearts of the lesions, even if they are evolutionary development, to explain how the researchers have taken advantage of this genetic trace.

It came about 1.5 million years ago, on the surface of the water when the clouds flooded flooding in caves. Over time, the floods fell from the water and some species were trapped in caves, where they adapted or dying. As a result of the evolution of the cave habitats, their ability to regenerate their hearts was lost. At the same time, they lost their color and their eyes; These properties were biologically redundant in light bulbs in caves.

What researchers investigated that the crater tetra compared the anti-cardinal parties on the surface and identified the three genomic loci & # 39; The genome's specific characteristics have been associated with heart regeneration.

Research was published Cell Reports, funded British Heart Foundation.

Two specific genes, lrrc10 and caveolin, were more active on the tetra surface. In the case of Lrrc10, they have proved an important role in the performance of mice and heart in humans.

Single-field researchers believe that having more understanding of fake heart regulations to prevent scarring of skin's ability to fish; After heart injury, for example, the heart, the human heart (and the tetra cave) cause tissue cells to replace the dead cells. This brain tissue then prevents the heart from doing its main job: to pump blood around the bloodstream. On the surface of the tetra, the heart cells are reconstructed without scar tissue.

According to the report, it seems that more research on the genetic makeup of tetra is helping one day in human beings, with millions of heart and circulatory illness only in the UK:

"Astyanax Mexican curiosity explains that adult mammals have lost their ability to regenerate their hearts and, ultimately, the strategies to achieve the optimal solution to the human heart."

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