Wednesday , January 26 2022

The BMW's 90th-most-guided 90-year-olds were never found hiding in the Bulgarian warehouse


You know what they say, "You never know how old the Bulgarian bulldog is."

Oh, do not they say that? Well, nevertheless, this repository of Blagoevgrad (Bulgaria) has recently been discovered secretly, eleven of the BMW E34 series 5 recently in the 90s.

So maybe we have to start saying that.

Autoclub As a result of the commercial failures, a 5-star sedan (and a carriage) was sitting in this warehouse in the early 90's.

The models with the most demanding transmission 520i and 525i show almost zero kilometers of odometer.

Most cars have low sunshine costs, while the fake model has undergone a broken window. Their interior seems to be a brand, but they are vehicles that accept the claim.

Although these vehicles are zero kilometers, this does not mean that the showroom (or warehouse) floor is ready to drive. The rubber springs and parts can be dry and rotten, if it is not done properly, you need to have a ton of tons of refurbishment to get safe conditions for driving any of these cars.

Cars will be on auction in Bulgaria with a price starting at € 15,000 (or $ 23,000) each.

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