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The bottom rumor was felt on the African coast around the Earth

  • The Mayotte small island died for six months from May to November.
  • Then, on November 11, a long and monotonous "ring" was measured around the Earth.
  • Scientists say "I have never seen anything."

On November 11, the small northeastern coast of the Mayotte islands began at the northern end of Madagascar and in the west of Malawi on the western part of the African peninsula.

He did not do the news, because nobody felt it.

The news is being made so far, though they are rumors about the planet as a whole.

"Waves crumpled in Africa, calling on Zambian, Kenya and Ethiopian sensors," was announced to Maya Wei-Haas National Geographic. "They crossed the vast oceans, in Chile, New Zealand, Canada, and Hawaiian almost 11,000 kilometers".

As noise is so interesting, everyone is like scientists and deck enthusiasts. namely:

  • I have never seen before recording this;
  • I do not know what happens.

There were many people asking and theorizing:

But the chat is still two weeks later.

While seismic waves were all over the world for 20 minutes, we were lucky to find out what happened. Madness, that's a hell of earthquake in New Zealand, is a handle @matarikipax, The United States Geological Survey noticed an unusual sign in real time recordings.

In fact, @matarikipax stated:

And curiosity began to build up immediately.

Graduate and creator of Plymouth University Geology United Kingdom earthquake news Jamie Gurney said "no idea was ever perceived as such a global signal."

volcanologist Dr. Robin George Andrews Mayott had the "extra-curled hidden spider", but the final eruption was "2.050 B".

More than NatGeo, he went to work at Wei Haas, interviewing experts and amateurs during the next two weeks, arriving at the bottom of the mystery.

The waves agreed by most were the only "surprisingly monotonous, low frequency" ring "general expansion.

"I do not think I saw something like that," said Seismologist Columbia University, Göran Ekström. And it specializes in unusual earthquakes.

It is a great part of the fascinating scientific research, because the waves of Mayotte are cheerful.

In the meantime, the waves came after earthquakes were "traditional". From May to May they smiled.

Perhaps an eruption will come. Perhaps the whole new island, though.

We should go over like a shudder because we know it something shifts

But the world was just shaking.

You can get more information about National Geographic.

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