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The Canadian top travel prize has a cool tour of credit cards

The number Travels credit card in Canada is rewarded by the American Express Cobalt Card, according to RewardsCanada. This option is interesting, this is not a high profit, a card designed specifically for sun executives and professionals.

Without coping with it, the cobalt is about a thousand years old. Five restaurants provide food and drink dollars for each dollar, two points for each dollar spent on travel and transportation and one point per dollar in another purchase. Every year, instead of charging, it has a monthly fee of $ 10. The generation used to pay Spotify and Netflix monthly subscription costs.

The Canadian Cobalt Prize says that users can earn points that can be used for travel. If you earn an urgent program, check out the third place WestJet RBC World Elite MasterCard, fourth-level Amex Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card and fifth place RBC Visa Infinite Avion. The maximum rate card is Scotiabank More Rewards Visa.

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There are some websites that list the best credit cards and other financial products in the Canadian market. This type of website is standard when customers click on the website's product links. For commercial aspects of these lists, I want to consult others to see how different options are. Other credit card comparisons can be found at CreditWalk, GreedyRates, and RateSupermarket.can. Ratehub has just published a list of bank account and GIC business banks.

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