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The children and teens that are preventing Canadian flu cases have begun to grow – Haida Gwaii Observer


Influenza cases are continuing to penetrate across the country, which affects a large part of the dreaded winter sickness among children and adolescents, as experts with infectious diseases, the peak of the season is likely to be predicted for a few weeks now.

The flu time of this year has many other non-profilities than the previous year: it began to be a transitory A tension H1N1, the type of virus that causes pandemic 2009-2009, but it has not been seen in recent years.

These last seasons were dominated by H3N2, which is the effect of the flu: it is a tough age and leads to a higher risk of complications such as pneumonia that leads to habitual hospitalization or death. Dr. Danuta Skowronski, epidemiologist and emergent respiratory pathologists at the BC Center for Disease Control.

On the contrary, H1N1 leads more than younger and older than adults, and followers of influenza like Skowronski have said that this season is no exception.

"This year, in particular, we expect that children under the age of 19 and elderly people have not been harmed … children are not protected (built-in immunity) from previous H1N1 epidemics."

In fact, according to the review by the BCCDC lab-affirmed flu cases, the third of all H1N1 detection tests have been up until now for children of nine years or younger, although children of this age group have only 20 percent. population of the province

The main H1N1 season, according to H3N2, is mainly a more populated growth, there is no distinction between people suffering from tension, both fever, cough, general illness and achy muscles. and joints, he said from Vancouver.

"It's a different season, another profile. I think this year we can predict an emergency room, and more visits to patients will be due to H1N1 youths, but the overall impact of the serious outcomes should be less than the last one year of the year."

As of November 29, according to the latest Canadian Public Health Agency, 13,796 cases were confirmed in the laboratory, cases in each country, provinces and 1,046 hospitalizations and 24 deaths. Mostly, it occurs in the case of people under 65 years of age.

In the last season, 11,275 laboratory-confirmed cases of influenza have been reported.

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