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The Chinese Gay Dating Application Maintains Rough Waters


Blued – China's most popular dating application for men was a temporary, secure space where socialized and expressed by the users, protected stigma with more Chinese society.

The application, sponsored by former police and Hong Kong based CDH Investments, has registered 40 million users, 12 million outside China. Starting from a simple platform, users can unite and talk together through the offer of e-commerce and adventure features, taking into account the necessary conditions for successful Chinese applications.

But after years of rapid expansion after its launch in 2012, Blued faces a variety of Internet business in China: critics say that users have made more security. Zhang Beichuan, one of China's leading LGBT research problems, has forgotten important security steps and allows minors to create accounts on their platforms, with explicit and sexual exploitation of adults.

Blued announced on Sunday that it would freeze new registrations of one-week users for internal research, after publishing Zhang's findings, on Saturday, in Caixin's economic news. The company will expose minors under disguised children and will clear their texts and photos related to minors.

Safe space

Blu Mahar, a Qinhuangdao north police officer under Geng Le, began in 2000. He called Pale Blue Memories and, above all, recorded personal stories and his feelings in the first place.

Ma Baoli, a creator of Blued's founder, is taking a picture of New York's Pride March on June 25, 2017. Ed Lefkowicz / VW Pics / IC

Ma Baoli, a creator of Blued's founder, is taking a picture of New York's Pride March on June 25, 2017. Ed Lefkowicz / VW Pics / IC

The website was often closed, and Ma found her servers to serve again, said Caixin. When the media reported it, it pressed a lot of pressure from its workplace and also considered suicide, he said.

But he said that his website was criminalized as a "hooliganism" of homosexuality in China in 1997 in sexual minorities in China, and took a mental disorder until 2001. China's media regulator banned homosexuality on television.

"We still expect the LGBT community to have their own space, make friends, find content they like and express feelings," said Ma. "It will be harder to get worse and loneliness is more common than ordinary people."

Gradually, with the help of a small Ma band, Ma became his website in the online community. In November 2012 the Blued application was launched, in conjunction with Jack & # 39; d and Grindr in the United States. The users were able to connect with them, they began to see and chat their profiles.

Early adoption of Chen Liang-Blued is identified here, for example, before applications such as Blued appear, LGBT people in China often had trouble finding dates and friendship, especially in small cities.

As a gay man living in Shanghai, Chen said that young people in their area were more tolerant, but it was terrifying for many LGBT people to move beyond and beyond the tertiary and third level conservative cities in third and tertiary levels, and psychological problems also have low self esteem They have "without Blued platforms.

Ma Baoli supervises office in Beijing on January 7, 2015. Guo Yeqi / Reuters / VCG

Ma Baoli supervises office in Beijing on January 7, 2015. Guo Yeqi / Reuters / VCG

User below

Blued "created a discriminatory space in a discriminating society, which is very good," said Zhang Caixin. But the research carried out over the past 10 months has found Blued lacking adequate support, among the younger members of the community.

The application does not allow children under the age of 18 to register, lack of age verification to create a lot of young people. Before turning off Sunday, Caixin found that the number of users between 18 and 19 years old had to be included in their profile pages.

The boys interviewed by Zhang said they had created Blued accounts at the age of 14. At the age of 14, many high school students said they were in agreement with older men, and some said they had sex.

Zhang said that they had been interviewed by a few minors who had been reported to the liver by Blued. Zhang did not publish his research, but shared his findings with Kaixin.

Hu Wei, the director of one of the most important LGBT welfare organizations in the community, who has not been identified by his real name at his request, said in the last two years, nearly all cases of new liver infections found by his organization were found to have people with Blued sex partners, 16-year-old boy one included He also told Caixin that his children at the age of 12 had said that they were using Blued.

About 90% of China's deaths have been recruited by people with HIV positive by sexually transmitted viruses, including most of these cases (70%) including heterosexual activity, as the National Health Commission of the country has said. But Zhang HIV coached men with the same sex, especially men who were particularly vulnerable in China to discuss official homosexuality in many countries and avoid community health and dissemination.

Blued has attempted to fill the gap in Danlan, a nonprofit organization associated with Blued, offering sex education and free HIV testing, as well as through group animated videos. But Blued users and GIB advocacy advocates say that Caixin's reality was different.

Li Heng, a 25-year-old public health volunteer, who has not been identified by her real name, said she had frequently blocked her awareness of AIDS Awareness with Blued's "Snapchat" function, which eliminates images once viewed , even if the apps are not explicitly prohibited from being explicitly prohibited.

A volunteer shows a HIV testing kit at the Blued Affiliated Nonprofit Organizations Office Danlan Beijing, November 24, 2006. Liu Chang / VCG

A volunteer shows a HIV testing kit at the Blued Affiliated Nonprofit Organizations Office Danlan Beijing, November 24, 2006. Liu Chang / VCG

What is wrong?

Blued executives contacted by Caixin did not deny using the minors they were using, but Ma said his intentions were not directed at minors. My Guodong, the chief Blued medical officer, said no-one under 18 agreed on the platform, but it was difficult to limit access to practice. "We can not judge, and we do not have any right to request ID cards," I said.

The real role of Blued, in February 2016, was the enrichment of the Chinese online business, it also began to enrich wealth, and the elderly found inadequate content. "When Blued extracted the first song, the violent Internet environment was not very strict, and content was relatively inadequate, as nudity," said Chen, Longtime Blued, and told Caixin.

In the last two years, based on Chinese patriotic services, Blued has made changes to verify its true name. "We are very good partnerships [government] Departments, and sometimes our standards are more stringent than these regulators, "Ma said. In the bathrooms, the toplessness, the chairs set in the bathrooms, and even the white socks. Consider sexual sexually suggestive content in the Chinese gay community. he had, as an example of prohibited contents of Blued's livestreams.

But these measures do not allow access to transmission to minors, Jiang Xiong, Blued Livestreamer, told Caixin. Jiang said the direct video was broadcasting recently, he was contacted with a person who was said to be 18 years old but later it was revealed at the age of 12. As parents said, "they close my living room, but not the child's affair," Jiang said.

He, the head of the LGBT organization, said that Caixin felt Blued content more and more, showing drug use, pornography and sex.

But Caixin said the government asks Blued to ask the user for authentication in the future to adjust the company according to its policy. But, he said, the company does not plan for this request for itself. But he also said the company did not move the direction of foreign applications such as Grindr, in 2016 users were able to identify their HIV and pre-exposure prophylaxis, also called PrEP.

"The environment is a wider society against discrimination against people with HIV, and the integrity of Chinese users or the privacy of other parties is not yet so strict and well-developed. [as overseas], Said Ma. Grindr was released in April to sell users information, including third-party companies, including HIV status.

A man will open Blued mobile in Shanghai on January 7, 2013. Shi Yangkun / Sixth tone

A man will open Blued mobile in Shanghai on January 7, 2013. Shi Yangkun / Sixth tone

You must also protect your community in & # 39;

China's rapidly expanding Internet-based services, above regulators' maintenance capabilities, has led other companies to address major security violations in their platforms.

In April, Kuaishou's video camera was fired by the Chinese authorities, allowing 13-year-old girls to publish teenage videos and use their videos for the viewer to use the algorithm. Kuaishou closed the accounts of teenage pregnant teenagers and sent several public apologies.

Tencent's "Honor of the Kings" popular video games have also had a public concern about children's health. The government policy in September prevented the addiction of the game and the protection of children's vision was that the need for gaming companies to check the age of users and limit the use of the users of young users.

In a particularly tragic case, August rape and murder of his Didi driver led to alleged rape and death and corrected the country's exit exit to correct the security system's mistakes.

Passing a week before Sunday in the new record of users, Ma said that Caixin Blued intended to go public. "When other companies are public, it's a success, what they recognize in the capital market," said Ma. "But for us, as well as recognizing the capital, we strive to see the general view of society [gay men], their existence, their importance, their social education. "

In China, as gay people, strangers to socializing and expressing themselves, Blued faces more hope than average startup.

"You can earn money from our communal gay, but you must also protect our communities," said Hu, the head of the LGBT organization. "Providing this platform has not been harmful to us."

Maix Kexin and Teng Jing Xuan are the original articles written by Caixin Global and have been re-released. The article can be found on the Caixin website here.

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