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The concept of Bay Bypass posters is not in love, "says Local News

If there is a concept, a stretch of road that leads to the south of Conception Bay is a three-foot 10-meter seating with 20-centimeter fences with large white letters and an apparent message of love.

"KR loves Sonia", indicating the signs, with the "love" that the hearts express.

Who is KR and Sonia, however, remains a mystery?

"I wanted to tell you and they tried to do it, but I did not leave you" – Phil Quann

Billboard company is the mother of Pattison details.

Telegram asked the sales manager of San Francisco Phil Quann's initial K.R. Who loves Sonia.

Quann has said that there is more than a story, but it does not offer a specific one, because the client does not want to release all the information.

"I would like to say," he said.

"I want to tell, and I would try to do it, but I will not leave you".

When Billboard asked about the person behind him, while Quann told them "he" and "themselves", The Telegram told him that the genre of K.R was not confirmed.

The Pattison Atlantic Regional Director General, Sherry Kirwin, says the fences have not confirmed Pattison's advancement for publicity.

"It's true – someone booked with us, and they helped us create the message," he said.

"A real person arrives to another real person".

Quann estimates that this cost is $ 1,000 and $ 1,600 per month, and it has been fences built in three fairs. This means that someone who is behind the fencing has already spent at least $ 10,000.

Quann never speaks directly with the person behind the fencing.

"I do not even know his name, that is, it's really fun because it has fencing. I do not get it done," Quann asked.

"Someone called on his behalf to book a table, so I did not know anything about it. And at that time, the caller said he could not release that information, it's only one message.

"I know everything I know, he called me and told me that I wanted to put these words in words, and when I booked, I did not know anything about it".

"She, or who she is, does not want to free her" – Quann

Quann said he called his boss, the company said the message was fine, as long as no one was hurt.

Quann said K.R. Will never publicly announce behind the posters.

"He who is, he does not want to release what he wants."

Telegram asked mysterious K.R. person

"I do not know, but I think … so I hope", Quann laughed. "I would like to know if this person did not know, or if they did not want to be there, someone would call and ask me."

Fences will remain forever until the mystery customers ask for demand, or until space is freed.

This is not the first love poster that Pattison has built.

"A few years ago, we had a personal ad in a Halifax poster," said Kirwin. "Someone used a poster as a personal ad on paper, like" looking for a single white female, "so he got a lot of attention."

However, thanks to Halifax Poster Competition, K.R. She loves Sonia fences. Quann exclaimed and laughed asking the people who were in contact with them. Requests for information are "numerous".

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