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The cost of healthy foods increases – again – BC Local News


The role of a registered dietitian is to control the cost of eating a balanced diet. In 2017, the cost of a family was four, according to the "Food Costs BC" report, of $ 1,019 / month, an increase of $ 45. for the same foods for 2015 (up to $ 60 in 2013). The cost does not take into account special needs, cultural or other food, non-food, food or condiments, spices or kitchen tools and tools. When you compare food costs to income, it is clear that the greatest impact is on those with the lowest income. In 2012, 12.7% or 485,000 inhabitants had food security.

Reasons are a lack of food insecurity, but affordable housing will not be at the top of the list. Finding a hostel is a priority higher than eating nutritional nutrition. As you can see, the inadequacies of food insecurity are expensive, just like the individual's health and health costs. A 2018 study, the economic burden that Canada does not meet with "non-breakfast recommendations", found the economic burden of not receiving healthy food recommendations every year for $ 13.8 million in Canada ($ 5.1 million that is directly linked to healthcare costs and $ 8.7 million are associated with indirect expenses, such as lost productivity).

Relationship: 2017 – Nearly almost half of the children of the surrounding area are few BC: the report

For example:

• Exclusive breastfeeding of non-safe foods is maintained, regardless of motherhood in safe food.

• Food safety is a higher level of individuals, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and food allergies.

• Unsafe foods with people with diabetes manage blood sugar

• People with no insecurity increase the risk of depression (including feelings of discomfort and disadvantage) and social isolation.

• Childhood hunger is an independent risk factor for depression and suicide in adolescence and early age.

• Children with unstable food have academic outcomes and social skills for children with no food insecurity.

I think you'll get the picture. As a community, we must figure out ways to improve the safety of home food that is maintained by the individual's dignity, when it affects us all directly. That is, participation in municipal policy, non-profit organizations (Shuswap Food Action Society, Shuswap Family Resource Center) for time and resources, and emergency assistance (Salvation Army Food Bank, Second Harvest).

– Serena Caner Shuswap Lake Hospital is a registered dietitian


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