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The cost of removing the statue of Victoria A. Halle from Macdonald grows

The police continue in Victoria to remove the Canadian Prime Minister.

The cost of 30,000 US dollars will be left in the summer, Sir John A. Macdonald's tribute to the City Hall, and now $ 10,000 may be allocated or relocated.

"I think the signs are public that this year we're doing something like the statue," said Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps.

The statue of John A. Macdonald, exclaimed by Victoria City Hall, cheerfully and irreverently

"We have allocated a small budget adjacent to the item at the moment, so that the decision is a decision".

But it seems to create even more controversy.

NOTE: The mayor of Victoria Mayor, Sir John A. Macdonald, pardons the controversy over the controversy

"There are many other things that can be used for another $ 10,000," resident resident Victoria Tanya Anderson said.

"It's a kind of hope, it's really inappropriate," added Tony Federici.

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Making things worse is not worrying about $ 10,000.

"In fact, it can cost a little more," said the Coun. Geoff Young.

"The statue is big and heavy, and there are some public processes, so I think it may be a small amount."

BEFORE: Sir John A MacDonald's statue placed the Victoria statue on the plate

It will be the final decision to decide everything. This time, people will say so.

When the state was first abolished in August, under the direction of "Familiarity of the City", it was a group of senior officials and city officials.

Macdonald participated in the creation of the residential school system, the state disappeared in reconciliation. However, the absence of public consultation is only a public accusation.

At the meeting held on February 12, Coun. Ben Isitt made the statue to the province, but all the ideas that Mr Young had withdrawn until he was weighed down until the public weighs.

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"You get public access to get public access and then you make the decision. It's not a decision and you get public help. We do not know what will happen."

The province responded on Wednesday.

NOTE: The Victorian city removes the statue of Victor John Macdonald

"I know the mayor, I know the members of the board and we will make a conversation and we'll take them and wait," said NDP MLA Rob Fleming.

When the statue ends at any place, Lesson has learned.

"It's not enough offensive colonization, it's a great challenge for Victoria to build on one's own wealth."

Another year, it is expected to complete the public consultation process and make the final decision.

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