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The court establishes an appeal against the gender and curriculum vitae of Ontario

The Ontario court filed an appeals court on Thursday to abolish a new sexual curriculum confirmed by bilingual teachers and civil liberties by the Conservative government of Progress.

The Ontario-based teachers' federations and the Canadian civil liberties association argued that the government violated and endangered the freedom of expression of the teacher, unless they were inclusive.

The Tories canceled a previous 2015 Liberal government course, including lessons on bullying and sexting online, as well as sex-related relationships and gender identity.

The Court of Justice ruled on Thursday that the elected officials, not the courts, are the task of legislating and political decision making.

Government lawmakers said that teachers had to overcome what they needed to do in the new curriculum, the judge said, and it was not proven by a teacher. The school is using a permanent curriculum based on a 1998 version.

"Curriculum (provisional) there is no permission for a teacher to teach any of these issues, namely, authorization, use of their own names, body parts, gender identity and sexual orientation, online behavior and cyberbullying, sexually transmitted diseases and infections. He wrote three panel judges.

ETFO lawyers said they had no legal challenge, said Prime Minister Doug Ford told reporters that they had continued to use the version version of the curriculum.

Some public statements were "condemned", the judge said but did not break the letter.

The new curriculum falls, the minister says

The Minister of Education, Lisa Thompson, said that after making inquiries about physical health and education, another will be ready for the fall.

"I think it will be safe to increase the realities that are facing today's students," said Thompson. "Cyberbullying, authorization, human trafficking – Parents' questions are all issues we have heard."

The Liberal curriculum included lessons on cyberbulling and licensing.

Thompson would not say exactly if gender identity is part of the new curriculum.

The Canadian Civil Liberties Association called "an unequal day of equality" and called for an appeal.

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