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The court says high quality smartphones, Qualcomm

Premium phone, premium price.
Premium phone, premium price.

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It's not a secret that premium smartphones are selling raw and raw ATMs these days. Now, the government says it's saying that problem, but it might not be thought.

The Federal Trade Commission has brought a similar award to Qualcomm against a chipmaker in 2017 and is currently playing in court. According to CNET, the suit assumes that Qualcomm took advantage of a non-competitive market to supervise Apple and other smartphone makers to use chips, technology and intellectual property.

So, while the latest iPhones make a great price, Apple still maintains its superb features and never has bad cameras, for other reasons the smartphones are suffering from new price variations. Throughout the market, mobile phones would be cheaper, if Qualcomm does not require a manufacturer's revenue resolution as a royalty for technology use.

The findings of the Court may show Qualcomm has taken advantage of its exclusivity for a while – As Qualcomm is executive, Apple's executive is paying off its prices, "I'm only one choice and I know how to pay for Apple."

But that was in 2013, and Apple had not been exclusive to Qualcomm for a long time. All iPhones came with Qualcomm chips until 2016, when iPhone 7 and 7 Plus models started with Apple Intel chips. The iPhone X models were Qualcomm and Intel chips. And the last line of 2018 iPhones was only with Intel chips.

iPhones did not exceed $ 1,000 price tags until iPhone X models, Qualcomm was not an exclusive provider. Apple also said it was high-end to increase revenue by obtaining a premium product strategy. But Qualcomm was not his only partner at that point.

Apple has already reacted to the strategy. Due to the slowdown in the sales of the iPhone, especially in China, Apple recently had to review its revenue projections, trigger a breakdown in the stock market and a drop in prices. Some have shown that iPhones are very expensive.

Qualcomm is completely blamed for premium smartphone costs? As Apple shows, the story is more complex than likely. We must think and wait for the justice system.

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