Tuesday , January 19 2021

The director of the city of Calgary announces the resignation of Jeff Fielding

Jeff Fielding's City Hall Director announces resignation for four-year-and-half-year bureaucratic service.

In a press conference in the City Hall, Mayor Naheed Nenshi said "it was very sad" to reach Fielding and to commemorate the deceitful war because of the end of March, at the end of March.

The local government called "The Leader of the Year," Nenshi thanked him for being awarded Fielding, thanks to the shepherding of the capital, as soon as he was seized in 2014.

"We had to face some of the economic challenges, much more than we had planned, and when Jeff went to the table," Nenshi said. "It has found more than $ 600 million (in) efficiency in the $ 4 million budget, while keeping our taxes in Canada, while maintaining the smallest big city while maintaining high service and exceptional citizen satisfaction ratings."

The downtown area is struggling with a turbulent financial turmoil that spreads out of the real estate value of city downtown. It also happens between other senior management high level administrators: Rollin Stanley, the CEO of the urban strategy, announced in mid-December; Last year, also, the main workers in transport, as well as in law and in parks.

Fielding approves a senior position with the Toronto City Council, which starts on April 1.

On Tuesday, at a press conference, Fielding paid homage to the family's decision to go abroad abroad. He told reporters he had been living for four years with his family, working in Calgary.

"It has been a very solid work for me while you are doing this job. The circumstances have changed my family, they ask that they return to Ontario," Fielding said.

"It's a sad thing to leave Calgary because I love this city because of my heart."

Fielding met former bureaucratic Owen Tobert when he retired in June 2014. In London and Burlington, the area was served in top-notch posts.

Changes have changed for several years. He reformed the Calgary municipal budget system to launch a "budget service" framework to replace the traditional budget system of the department. Changes have been said to make changes to clarify the real cost of operating services, such as firing rescue and golfing.

Town councilor Fielding resigned on Tuesday by email. COUN. Shane Keating, who hired Fielding in 2014 in the search committee, called him "back".

"It's a desperation for me," said Keating on Tuesday. "In this way, I mean it was a good leader and I think that it has brought a great deal of change in the city, a financial perspective and a different perspective to look at different things and methods."

COUN. As Ward Sutherland says, the city's director will work "night and day" until April, building property values ​​for building real estate tax craters.

"This kind of person is," said Sutherland. "It is still a dedicated and still a priority for us, it will be a difficult situation to face it, it must have a multifaceted perspective and it will still be part of it, like the arena. We will make a transition, but a dedicated one. "

Keating acknowledged that the city has seen a "large number of senior" senior administrators over the last few months. The ability of the city is concerned with the gathering of talent, the government's rhetoric coming from political tribunals, among others, among the members of the congress.

"If you want to attract great talent, you need to have an environment that wants to come here and I do not know the exact environment that is happening," said Keating.

A Board search committee will go to Fielding to find the replacement. The city administration is appointed as interim director appointed by interactive search.

Fielding will not receive the election or receive a receipt at its exit, the city confirmed on Tuesday.

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