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The donors reveal how Ottawa's manuscript depicts the treatment of PTSD

HALIFAX – Newly released documents allow top-level government officials to respond to the revelation. One Veteran Affairs finalizes Halifax treatment for a male PTSD.

The emails obtained by Canadian Press, according to Information and Privacy, reveals that people gathered in the Office of Veterans Affairs – including the Deputy Minister, policy analysts and official communications – completed a message to Christopher's media. Garnier's benefits.

News The second title of Catherine Campbell, Truro, N.S., Police emerged during the hearing of Garnier's trial. The court heard the views of Veteran Affairs while covering his psychologist's cost, his father also diagnosed a post-traumatic stress disorder.

Knowing how to respond to flood media surveys, hundreds of email messages, political discussions and messages "would be responsible for including family members in a comprehensive treatment plan."

Trevor Nicholson, a senior analyst political analyst at Veteran Affairs, told his colleagues how the Department's mental health policy works.

"Who can be included in the veteran treatment plan or in the rehabilitation plan … is a deciding one based on the generation of recommended healthcare professionals and queries for veterans," said Nicholson, Abu. Email 28

"(Veterans Affairs Canada) can take part in a family treatment session with a veteran or family member with the patient's mental health status with the rest of the family unit."

Next day, the day after day, the members' makers, Sandra Williamson, wrote that "it is clear that the full range of benefits and services offered to veterans are NOT offered to family members."

Mary Nicholson, Director of Health Care and Rehabilitation Programs for Veteran Patients, was agreed with Williamson's vision.

"I'm sure it's part of your messenger, but it's important for family members to often admit that they only get access to recognizing the importance of participation or helping injured veterans – a part of the welfare area," wrote an email on August 29.

Although the Department of Veterans Affairs, Walt Natynczyk and Lisa Campbell, together with the heads of the media, weighed their associates.

"(Assistant Secretary and Associate) we need to update our lines to bring together two things … The advice, etc., focuses on the best interests of family members always be the veteran … and on what services we can provide and what management services can provide , and the duplication or overlap of these services is not there, "said Steven Harris Media on August 29.

In a statement about The Canadian Press on the Garnier case, Veterans Affairs has said that the communication lines are being developed within a daily work process and are regularly analyzed.

"It is part of the normal business processes to connect to the different areas of the Department to ensure that the department's policy and activity are accurately reflected," said Martin Magnan, a spokeswoman in an email.

In September, the government of Trudeau ordered officials to collect more spines before members of the members of the family were allowed to accept funds and services, especially for relatives for serious crimes.

The Minister of Veterans Affairs Seamus O & # 39; Regan has said that in the White House the future benefits will not be provided to a member of the veteran family, detained in a federal facility.

But when they reached Garnier's benefits, O & # 39; Regan repeatedly mentioned the privacy considerations, the refusal to discuss the case, the change in order would not be retroactive.

The federal government also apparently overwhelmed its letters, and Garnier's support received the widest possible incident in a mental state.

"To be honest, a stubborn anti-veteran and anti-veteran attitude is a liberal government that has lost most of the support of the veteran community. Catherine Campbell's parents are better off (Veterans Affairs Canada) and the Canadian government," a citizen who writes his name on August 29 he wrote

Writing the name of other people's names: "I can not imagine that a killer of a woman's killer would die at home. When she dies, the killer must really be admitted, Canada's Veterans Affairs – a struggle for survival of our families."

On the eighth day of the Court, the email of other veterans, Anick Bedard, wrote that O & # 39; Regan received "a lot of messages" reacting to news.

Responding to a letter, Scotland's Liberal MP Sean Fraser said it was his initial reaction.

"It was difficult at the outset that a murder suffered by PTSD could result in" Veteran Affairs Canada "being entitled to health benefits as a result of a murder suffered by the PTSD," said Fraser on October 30, in an e-mail attached to the file.

"Despite my first reaction, I want to be very careful in this case, how are policies developed to address horrific events, a good system that provides medical coverage for veterans and their families, and a knee-reaction policy in which patients and their To the family, that does not mean that nobody wants it. "

Garnier killed a 36-year-old woman and used a compost bin to throw her body – her second-degree murder is an appeals and sentence.

The Convention carries out a sentence for life, but the Scottish Supreme Court ruled in August by lawyer Garnier had to act for 13 years and a half in order to demand parole for less than 699 days.

During his trial, Garnier repeatedly said that the jury did not remember using a large green compost to throw away a body near the harbor bridge, almost five days away.

Garnier also argued that Campbell was accidentally killed in the trash, after having met him in the middle of the afternoon in the afternoon.

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