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The Edmonton student group was the eyes and ears of fans of Gray Cup throughout the country


The Gray Cup film festival could not limit Edmonton Jasper Avenue's Edmonton Jasper Avenue to a large part of millions of millions of cinematic fans, and a dozen of the hotel's best-of-home entertainment companies have done the next.

As in the 2010 Edmonton Gray Cup, they have created a social networking network to customize people's reports, other CFL cities could not reach the Alberta capital.

Marty Forbes is taking care of the project. Its team consists of six NAIT students.

"So if you do not want to see the scenes behind Vancouver or Winnipeg and watch the TV shows you do not want, they'll catch them," said Forbes.

The fans of Montreal continue to do what Alouette fans do.

"Obviously, Twitter was not that big, then (in 2010), but you think it's the power of today's and smartphone, so Twitter is a media appreciation."

Keenen Kanda is a championing opportunity for students because the Hurricane Video has not been in the Gray Cup for the week.

"This is the first time I have calibrated this," said Kendak. "So I'm excited and dirty and get it."

FIRST: Edmonton's spirit 106. Congratulations on Gray Cup

Check below: (from autumn 2018) it will be like the city of our city. The Grey Cup party is taking part in Edmonton's Jasper Avenue episode that turns the track on traffic. Kendra Slugoski Reports.

Along with Jasmine King, to find out how to make a mix crash and how Gray Cup's fans' experience has been documented, even if it is not remembered at the end.

"Take part in different activities and photos, take videos, talk with the fans and get to know their experiences," he said. "[I’ll also be] It also helps people to have a good experience. "

King knows that the party must do his job.

"ADOS. Bale. We'll see that people are there."

Adaptive content was also made at the CKUA building on The Strumbellas Film Festival, according to Edmonton-Center MLA, David Sweeten's tweet.

Forbes said the commission's enthusiasm that CFL has ordered future Gray Cups to meet the standard set in Edmonton.

"This is four times higher than the last four times and really relies solely on family and fun games and other events," said Forbes.

Halifax fans can expect something they can see, Forbes has confirmed.

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"I do not lose all the information that happens in this league, but" Will we make a notification? "He asked." They said it might not be the beginning of the year, but it should be an announcement. So, to ensure that they feel welcome in Edmonton, we literally have a person. "

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