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The elderly couple drove by bus in Langley traffic, as fire suggests

An elderly couple died in a Langley train, according to firemen.

Brian Godlonton, chief of staff at Langley Fire Rescue Services, says White and White car 9:30 a.m. The Langley bypass at the nearby PT happened at Glover Road.

"Since I've pushed the car's path into one of the tracks," Godlonton told reporters in a crash scene in the afternoon.

Firefighters went to the first place and took out two car victims. Travelers are not resurrected and they are dead.

Ken Enns, a local neighbor, pushed the car by train. "He was pretty ugly," he said,

The train was a freight train from the Canadian National Railway, which operated the Canadian Pacific Railway. Roberts went to the Bank, charged with coal, said Godlord.

Unfortunately, they often happen, said Brian Godlonton, the Langley Fire Rescue Services chief, Langley B.C. (Jon Hernandez / CBC)

Staff Sgt. Langley RCMP said David Brown was marked with clear crosses and spider mites.

"We do not understand why the vehicle stopped tracks," he said.

Brown said the train was trapped between the railroad arms, stopping and dragging traffic.

Firefighters, police and paramedics responded to the scene at 9:30 AM PT Sunday, December 20, 2018. (Shane MacKichan)

Godlonton said that he has spent more than 30 days' train. He agreed with Brown that the tracks are very marked.

June Fancelok, working at a local baker's shop, said that he drives daily routines to work.

"Usually, people in charge of drivers, I do not see any problems," Fancelló said, describing the accident as "terrifying".

Other railways have been hit by other railways at other junctions at Langley, where railroads are performed.

Godlonton told security officials that B.C. and Alberta has made a round table to face rail safety.

While the researchers continue to prove their cause, they appealed to appealing to the automobile makers.

"Everyone hurry to see how far we can get to, but the railways must be approached, because the result is not very good with the train's actions."

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