Monday , May 16 2022

The Environment Ministry of Ontario agrees with environmental sophistication with the new climate plan


Ontario's Environment Minister, Rod Phillips, insists on flood deposits and waste collection in the new provincial climate plan, with environmental experts not taking it seriously.

But when Ford's government hoped to answer the Ottawa carbon price plan, Mr. Phillips had a simple goal: to talk about climate change.

"The previous government and, in any case, the federal government, when they have lost their story, is making connections with people," Mr. Phillips said in a recent interview to dine at the downtown Toronto.

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Ontario's Environment Minister Rod Phillips will discuss the governance climate plan at Nobleton, Ontario's Cold Creek Conservation Area on November 29, 2011.

Tijana Martin / The Canadian Press

"Some – I will call sophisticated environments".

Greenhouse gas emitters and the government of 400 million dollars in financing for the development of clean technology with the private sector, announced the climate change plan this week to collect algae, sea cleaning and a lot of traditional references.

"Obviously, these things are not only about climate change, but they are related to climate change, so the narrative of the previous government was:" It's all about climate change and we hardly ever do anything and the world will end, "he said Mr. Phillips. "That was not, I think, very effective for people."

A message by the 53-year-old former businessman British Environmental Minister Catherine McKenna will be this week, two will meet in Toronto. The province also challenges the federal tax federal tax challenge. In fact, the authors argue on Friday that liberal liberals try to impose "unconstitutional disguised taxes".

Since the administration of the government in June, Ontario and Ottawa have had high tensions in global warming. Mr. Phillips has said that the federal government is using its political advantage, while Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has not been the Prime Minister of Doug Ford.

"He has given this one [the federal government] Something something about vociferously arguing against Doug Ford. I think it's useful right now, "said Mr. Phillips.

"I think that Catherine McKenna is supposed to be an effective carbon tax. I do not think that's happening. So, if you disagree with the two people, we will reach a different conclusion from the same set of events."

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Since the release of the last week, the Ontario plan, which prevents the objectives of the previous Liberal government's climate change, has been ignored and has not been enough. "We need a climate plan, not a litter reduction plan," said Green Party Leader Mike Schreiner at the weekend in Ontario.

Mr Phillips has argued that Ontario has participated, reducing emissions from 2005 through 2005, due to the closure of charcoal installations. And Ford's government will end the business liberal business in the province, while Canada would find it difficult to meet the Paris climate commitments, Mr. Phillips has greeted Ontario's Ottawa greenhouse gas goals.

"Just carbon tax has never proved what to do [the federal government] he would do it. In fact, they do not really want to be imposed on a level that they want to impose, "he said.

Meanwhile, Mrs. McKenna has said the Ontario government has delayed one step to reduce Canadian battles.

"A serious climate plan implies a pollution price, if pollution is free, it will be more," said Ontario plans.

Phillips, Former Board of Lottery and Gaming Corporation of Ontario and Former Chair of Postmedia, became a volunteer in politics, becoming the former mayor of Mel Lastman over the last ten years.

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He decided to run in 2018 elections, if liberals from Kathleen Wynne had re-elected "real worries" about the future of the province.

"We all talked about financing for the campaign, and the solution was redistribute. I do not think it works for a long time. Margaret Thatcher once said, the money for other people was finally exhausted," he said.

Although different from the Premier, Mr. Phillips calls Mr. Ford; Recently, he witnessed talking to his GM mobile phone, "an incredible politician." According to critics, Ford's government has been moving too fast in the agenda without the agenda of the Cohesion Plan, Mr. Phillips has said the officials' choice of officials is "what people want".

"If people are basically dismantling what we are doing, they will have another reaction," he said. "And they are interested in things like chaos."

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