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The faithful has ordered the contract of the 60 B ship, because the ship does not meet certain conditions like speed

Federal Court The Canadian Government has requested a $ 60 million program to buy a new fleet of ships, the selected ship does not require the military to meet the needs.

Last month, the Canadian Government and Irving Shipbuilding selected Lockheed Martin Canada as the Canadian Surface Combatant bidding program. Lockheed Martin joined the British BAE, who proposed BAE's Type 26 frigate with 15 Canada.

However, Alion also presented the offer to the United States, Form 26 can not comply with the requirements of the Canadian Navy's requirements and submit a complaint to the Canadian International Chamber of Commerce.

On Tuesday, the CITT ordered the government to "postpone any recruitment contract award until the Canadian International Trade Court determines the validity of the complaint". It's not clear how long it takes, but Irving and the federal government expect negotiations negotiated with Lockheed Martin Canada next year.

Alion also submitted a legal appeal to the federal court asking for a review of the judicial decision. In this challenge, Alion has not met 26 types to meet the mandatory requirements indicated, including speed, to establish a new Canadian warship and therefore prohibited.

The anticipated challenge also stressed that the surface-facing project conditions and other surface parameters have changed 88 times during the process, in a way that dilutes the demands of the new warship, and the federal government and Irving unproven design platform.

Alion offered Dutch Air Defense and Command Fragrance in the Zeeland province of Canada, which means that the company complies with all the Canadian requirements.

Rania Haddad, spokesman for Public Services and Public Procurement, said the federal government has favored a fair and transparent procurement process. "Because the International Canadian Court of Foreign Trade has been questioned by the International Court of Canada, it has not been the subject of this matter at this time," he said in an email.

He was controversial since the beginning of the 26-frigate competition at BAE.

It's not clear how long it will take, but negotiations with Irving and the federal government Lockheed Martin Canada were expected next year

The Liberal government has previously said that existing designs or ships would only accept ship designs designed for other ships, which could be less dangerous and more dangerous; Problems with design problems often occur when one of the ships is in the water and works for the first time.

But these criteria changed, and the Liberal government and Irving accepted the design of BAE in the process, but at that time in the drawing board. Construction started 26 frigates of the first 267 type in the summer of 2017 for the Royal Navy of the United Kingdom, but it has not yet finished.

Lockheed Martin Canada and BAE can make claims of type 26, how fast they can go, based on simulations or projections.

The other bidders in the rest of the fighters program have ships that are in service with other ships, as they prove their capabilities.

Several European shipbuilders decided to submit a $ 60 million project because they are a concern for the process correction.

The closeness of BAE to concerns about what happened to Irving. The main contractor for the Canadian anti-war trade program was selected by the Canadian government.

BAE and Irving joined forces in a Canadian boat program. Irving-BAE did not succeed in alliance, the Government wanted Irving to remind him that "the Canadian Surface Conflict Contest is a duty to ensure that real conflict or perceived conflict of interest". In February 2016 Harjit Sajjan Defense Ministry prepared documents and published in accordance with the General Information Law.

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