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The FBI captures another man who stole his auto-secrecy from stealing another car

Hoody is a man's multi-story glass building ahead of it.
Enlarge / Apple CEO Tim Cook talks about Apple's headquarters in Cupertino, California, on September 12, 2017.

Last July, federal prosecutors stole a man stealing the secrets of the car driving project and trying to get a new job in the Chinese launcher. This week, another man has been arrested in very similar situations.

Apple hired Jizhong Chen last June to work on a self-drive car project, working around 1,200 people. According to a criminal filed by the FBI, Chen Apple's confidential information began almost immediately. Image of June 20, a personal computer owned by Chen, is an "Apple-designed wiring model for an autonomous vehicle".

Apple did not take Chen's alleged spying activity until 11 January, another Apple-based employee assured him to take pictures of Apple's work space. He thought Apple had a suspicious security. Apple's researchers interviewed Chen and consented to analyze their personal computer, hard drive, and phone.

Find the "confidential and proprietary Apple material, including over two thousand files, including manuals, diagrams and diagrams." According to the FBI, "Chen's personal computer hundreds of files on computer screens were pictures of Apple's information on the screen. Some photographs had a laptop called" Jizhong "on a screen next to a label."

Chen covers 100 photos inside the 100-car auto-driving project.

Apple also found that Chen asked Apple for one of two jobs in Apple, China, the only company in the car. Chen said Apple intended to go to China to visit his father's father.

But before getting the planes, he arrested him. A few days later, the bond was published after $ 500,000.

Apple does not have apparent attempts to steal technology on behalf of civilian companies. Earlier this week, US prosecutors sued Huawei mobile phone sued for testing robotic smartphones designed by T-Mobile.

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