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The federal government must have more energy industry: Morneau


Bill Morneau, Finance Minister of Finance, told the people of Calgary Tuesday that they should talk about Liberal Government and the importance of the Canadian energy sector in other countries.

Morneau spoke with the Chamber of Commerce just weeks before Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and just like Trudeau, many post-oil demonstrations came along, with a discount at different prices, which is currently suffering from gross domestic trades, said the Canadian government does not "Must be an industrial commitment".

"From my point of view, the decision to buy Trans Mountain was intended to replace the clear, open-ended," said Morneau. "But I committed to last night and I was committed again this morning to ensure that we are sending a message to our country … We must remember how we can show it more solidarity, in ways that make people feel good in this room."

As Prime Minister's speech, last Thursday, Morneau expressed a deep concern about Canadian crude and acknowledged "acute anxiety" in Calgary and the Canadian economy calculates the cost of $ 80 million a day.


Like Trudeau, Morneau did not propose a new solution to address the problem, the federal government works hard to try to build Trans Mountain and try to listen to the industry.

"If it were an easy answer, we would take it," said Morneau. "But we did not see an easy answer."

Mark Scholz – President of the Canadian Association of Oil Drilling Contractors (CAODC) – Morneau has acknowledged that the federal government is "an incredible breakthrough" for further support for industry.

"This industry has long believed that the government does not say this service, according to the language used in our industry description," said Scholz.

Scholz told the "Canada" oil and gas sector "Canada" to go to the oil and gas sector "Oil and Petroleum Sector", or because it defended and defended regulatory systems in the country, they are points of the industrial sector.

"Tone on top issues," said Scholz. "The minority and sign languages ​​and the language chosen by our leaders are very important."

Bill Morneau, Finance Minister, answers and answers the question of President Elizabeth Calgary University.

However, spokesman for the Chamber of Commerce of the Chamber of Calgary, Mark Cooper, said that while the federal government is encouraging the energy sector in other parts of Canada, it is now time to make more precise solutions.

"We need urgent action," said Cooper. "I think that the business community from Ottawa wants to truly acknowledge that these market access problems and the investment chill we live largely are due to their policies and constantly change regulatory rules."

On Tuesday, municipal and provincial governments on Tuesday closed the General Motors assembly workshop as an example of disconnection in the Oshawa, Ont., Trudeau, and Alberdian suburbs. .

"We have lost GM plants tomorrow and a half in Albert since the beginning of the economic downturn," said Mayor Naheed Nenshi for oilpatch's job losses. "There was a parliamentary emergency meeting last night, about 2,000 (Oshawa) employment."

"The actions of their (federal governments), to date, are the tone of the Canadian Canadian energy sector," said Deron Bilous, the Economy Minister. "We have seen the Prime Minister, in a very rapid reaction in Oshawan … We want to see the movement of mobile countries as fast as the Australian energy sector."

However, Tristan Goodman, the Canadian Explorers and Producers Association, said the federal government needs to face the differential crisis, and Morneau is willing to give him credit.

"The fact is that the Prime Minister has been in Alberta since he was 20 times elected, and has put several million dollars into the problem (buying a gas pipeline)," Goodman said. "It would be a mistake for the federal government not to do anything."

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