Friday , October 7 2022

The first baby born in the transplanted uterus after killing children. Science


Assessment of Imprensa Hospital de las Clínicas-USP

Frankie Schembri

For the first time, the woman who received a donor from the dead in the uterus was successful: it is an important milestone in the field of uterine transplantation, STAT reports Researchers at the University of São Paulo, Brazil, had a 45-year-old transplant, a 32-year-old female who died of cerebral bleeding, and was in a condition to avoid the development of the organ. Once it was clear that the recipient's organ was not excluded, the embryo embedded in the uterus was placed; 36 weeks later, a section of Cesarean was given to a girl of 6 kilos (top), the researchers reported this week Lancet. This is the first time that a woman is born in the uterus of a donor of the dead; Some bodies coming from direct donors have been shown in past births.

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